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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Callie ran in the kitchen today after spending some time exploring my medicine cabinet and proudly held up her baby tooth that she lost 3 weeks ago! She was really really excited about finding it & said something like, "Look what I have! My very first tooth that I lost! Now I can put it under my pillow again & the Tooth Fairy can bring me another dollar!"

I was on the phone with my mom when she made the discovery so I paused for a moment (for effect) & let Callie know that Grandma had just told me that the Tooth Fairy always gives the first tooth back to the parents so that they can keep it forever to remember their child's first baby tooth that was lost. I told Callie the Tooth Fairy must have just forgotten to tell us about that & where she'd hidden it!

She still wanted to try for another dollar but I told her the Tooth Fairy can't be tricked so it would never work & for her to go put it back in the medicine cabinet.

Not really sure why I kept it anyway.

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