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Thursday, September 21, 2006

This morning

It is just ridiculous how cute this little girl is! I was looking on eBay for some hair bows & Gymbo stuff & this mom knows what she's doing! Her stuff is selling REALLY well, & I'm SURE it's because of her adorable little model! So I guess if you want to make lots of money selling your eBay crap, take pictures of your adorable kids using the stuff.

We went on a walk this morning to Grandma Darcy's house since I apparently forgot to set my alarm before I went to bed last night, and slept through my 6:30 walk with the Debs. Callie loves going to "Gamma Darcy's" to jump on the "trampa-bean." Jack sat on a rock & ate bark mulch. It was a good morning! :)

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Niños

Jack is being so stinking cute lately! When we say it's time to say a prayer to bless our food or for family prayer or whatever he folds his arms & does a good job at it too! It's aDOREable! He started clapping his hands a week & a half ago too! He's waving when we say bye or hi. He's tried to mimic some of the things we've said (not that his mimicing sounds a THING like what's been said - I can just tell my the inflections in his voice). He's much more laid back & chill than Callie. He enjoys playing with a toy, whereas Callie can't hardly go from one thing to the next fast enough. We got this little Giraffe when Callie was a baby that you drop blocks into & it makes a sound. Callie still couldn't (or wouldn't) sit down & put the blocks in that thing when she was a year. But Jack's been able to do it for a while now.

This picture is a few days old, but Callie came to the gate (to the office) this morning with lipstick all over 1 cheek & said, "Mom, I pretty. Look Mom, I so pretty. I shopping." She was carrying a Target bag on her arm. When I went into the kitchen to investigate, I discovered a 20- a 1-dollar bill that she'd put in the trash, more cash on the floor, lipstick & lipgloss scattered, & lipgloss smeared onto one of my new red dishtowels that I waited seriously months to buy - from Target - which it's not like I can just go to Target this afternoon & replace! At least the dish towel isn't as expensive or IMPOSSIBLE to replace as the undershirt she ruined a few weeks ago! Jeremiah & I were in the kids' room playing with them & both fell asleep on their floor. I woke up after a few minutes to what I thought was Jack crawling on me. But no - it was Callie wiping her lip-glossy greasy little fingers all over my shirt & undershirt. It would have been a hilarious story had it not ruined my favorite brown undershirt/cami that I probably wear 2+ times a week! It was long, it was a great cotton blend, it was an awesome color, & it stayed down (instead of constantly riding up like its replacement), and it can't be replaced! I'm still not over it!