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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hide & Go Shriek

Callie saw Dora playing hide & go seek so she wanted to play too. I told her how it works & then said I'd count first & she could hide. She was so excited about getting safely back to "base" (the famous black ottoman) that she ran shrieking to the base as I was saying 9, 10. I didn't even get a chance to say "ready or not!" So I tried to explain it some more & she did better most of the time. Then she tried hiding in the corner by our front door where she was in plain sight. But of course since she couldn't see me (with her face smashed into the corner & her hands over her eyes), she thought it was a pretty good hiding spot. When I had tagged her & it was my turn to hide she only gave me till the count of 3 to hide. When I complained she graciously went to 6 & sometimes 8. For some reason she just didn't want to give me till 10! And if she couldn't find me after like 45 seconds she'd get this panicked tone to her voice & start calling for me. All in all it was a super great game of hide & go seek- lots of shrieking & laughter. We'll definitely have to play it more!

Callie's super excited about her birthday that's this Sunday! She's been telling people for months now that her birthday's in July or that her birthday's on July 1st, and that she's going to be 3 on her birthday. As much as she loves Dora and even the Princesses, she wants a Hello Kitty cake! Where this love of Hello Kitty came from, I don't know. She saw a box of HK fruit snacks one day in the store & no kidding, stood holding the HK box & a Princess box for 5 minutes trying to decide which one she really wanted. Why was I patient for 5 minutes while she was making a decision? I was probably right next to her taking 5 minutes to decide which box of granola bars to get! I'm a TERRIBLE decision maker & it looks like my daughter has inherited my amazing sense of choice! Anyway, in the end it was Hello Kitty & she's loved the little gal ever since! When we ask her what she wants for her birthday she says a Hello Kitty cake. Although sometimes she mixes things up & tells us she wants HK napkins. Yes, my child wants napkins for her birthday. But who wouldn't if they could be Hello Kitty napkins? Well I think the birthday fairy just might grant her birthday wishes!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hoy, me hearties!

Callie has caught the pirate fever that's sweeping the nation! It's seriously EVERYWHERE! Admittedly, I did just order some new bedding for Jack's future room (like in our future new house) that is piratey. Anyway, Dora has a few adventures with some pirate pig that says "Ahoy, me hearties!" as well as other phrases that include "me hearties," and now I have several times heard Callie saying "Hoy, me hearties!" and other piratey things! It's so funny!

But what's even funnier is Jack! He loves pirates even though he thinks they're scary. He gets really excited about pirate stuff & he says "pie-yet" which is usually followed by "scary." I got him this little pair of piratey slip-ons (payless) and he is so funny about them! The other day he'd take a step, look at his foot & say "scary." Then he'd take another step, look at the new foot & say "scary." He repeated this sequence several times until I couldn't take the cuteness anymore & picked him up & kissed him! My mom made him a little piratey pillowcase a while ago and he loves that too! Jeremiah went to get him out of his crib after a nap the other day & found Jack lying on his side with his head on one arm & pointing at different things on the pillowcase with his other finger and saying "scary. [new spot] scary. [new spot] ohh, scary." He's a hoot!

Friday, June 22, 2007

crappy story

Being that I have an almost 3 year old & a 1 1/2 year old, you have probably already concluded what this little story is about! And let me just warn you, it's a little graphic! Jack has gone potty on his little potty seat just a couple of times. Yesterday I grabbed him out of his high chair mid-grunt to get him to the potty seat. He likes to have a book on the toilet so Callie got him a book & I read. Halfway through the story his face was red & he was pushing with all his might. The results? Pee and only a tiny little piece of poop . I was surprised it hadn't been more, but thrilled nonetheless that I was getting out of changing a poopy diaper that day (since he's normally a once-a-dayer). I hoorayed him & helped him dump the stuff into the toilet. I told him we'd put his diaper on after I got him his jellybean, so with his pajama bottoms around his ankles he waddled into the living room and climbed up onto this black hinged ottoman we have to wait for his reward. I had just got a couple jellybeans (callie gets one for jack's efforts!) into my hand when Callie yells, "Mom! He's pooping! The poop is coming out!" I ran into the living room to see this:

I was pretty surprised! Since it hadn't yet gotten on the ottoman (since the pajama bottoms had so far caught the pie), I grabbed the outcoming, picked up the patty, & took the warm stuff to the toilet! Ewwwww! Jack was feeling pretty good about himself. Maybe when you're having a hard time pooping you just need to stick your butt up in the air and try again! Oh yeah, and he ended up having a second poop that day so I didn't get out of changing a poopy diaper after all! Ugh!

Let's get the rythm of the hot dog!

Do you know that old song? It's one of Callie's current favs & we LOVE it everytime she does the "hot dog!" When I asked her to do it for me to record she was more than happy to oblige. As soon as she was finished she'd run up so she could watch herself & then ask to do it again. I think we recorded it 15 times before I insisted that it was time for bed! Enjoy!

I'm So Glad When Daddy Comes Home

They're so glad when daddy comes home! Oh, & Jack's saying "jump" at the beginning in case you can't understand. He's just learning how to jump & he thinks it's great!

Come'ere Babe

Jack has been saying "come'ere" pretty cute for a while now. He always does the action with it. The other day he added "babe" (totally on his own) and then started saying "hi, babe." I guess he just hears "babe" around our house enough that he picked it up. Maybe he thinks that's another name for mama. So here he is in his cuteness. I admit, it's totally forced, but you just have to see how cute my 1 1/2 year old is when he says come'ere babe!


Last Sunday the kids were in the backyard playing & Jeremiah & I were both in the house. I heard Jack crying & I could tell it was a hurt cry. I just knew it had to do with the playhouse (with its scary ladder leading up to it). As I was running to the back door I was envisioning him lying on the ground in a pool of blood. That was the first place I looked when I got out there & was relieved to not see him there. He was in the playhouse and Callie was holding his finger (attached to his body still!) with blood dripping all over. Apparently he'd wanted out & she was playing & wasn't going to let him out so he had his fingers around the door as she pulled & pulled the knob as hard as she could! His poor blood-covered finger looked mutilated! Once we got it cleaned up a little we determined that it wasn't broken and it didn't look quite as mutilated. The nail was all bloody & his fingertip was kind of squishy-mangled looking. We covered it with a Dora bandaid but since he wanted to pull it off we put a butterfly bandage on top of that & band-aided another finger to the bad one. He cried & cried & cried! But after he had calmed down a TINY bit he, through his tears, said "hippo!" I asked him if he wanted to play the hippo game (hungry hippos that is) and I got a tearful "yesh." How funny is that? So I got the hippo game for him & he sat with Jeremiah and ate a push-up pop & played the hippo game. He was good. Then Callie came in to say she was sorry (and she REALLY was - she felt awful when I talked to her about it) & he lost it again. But once Jeremiah got him refocused on the hippo game he was happy again. His finger looks MUCH better now, but I'm pretty sure he's gonna lose his nail - it's maroon. Every time I go to clean his hands after a meal I wince!

On Tuesday evening I was quickly headed out the door & when I grabbed the little handle on the screen door to pull it closed as I was walking out my ring caught on it. Ouch! It jerked my whole body back! Amazingly enough I just had a little mark on the top of my finger where my ring had dug in. I really can't believe it didn't break my finger, & you won't either after you look at this picture of my poor bent ring! I do have a nice little bruise on the side of my finger now. I haven't taken my ring to get fixed yet, but thankfully I have a spare! I'd lost my ring a few months ago and I felt so naked without it so I bought a ring I LOVE from Macy*s - $20 because it was 50% off! It's the type of ring I'd rather have anyway so I'm not too sad about wearing a pretend bling ring for a while. All I can say is, what was I thinking when we picked out my wedding ring?! I actually wanted my stone smaller & set lower than what was on the one in the store! I was cuh-razy!

Monday, June 11, 2007

I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream!

Sometimes it's awesome being in the trash business! The other day my mom took a truck & trailer to go to the site of a wrecked semi-truck that had been hauling ice cream. Not only did she come back filled to the gills, so did another couple of our roll-off trucks. And this wasn't just any ice cream- it was really good stuff! TONS of Häagen-Dazs - cases of pints plus the huge gallon containers meant for ice cream shops, and also Häagen-Dazs bars. Tons of Drumsticks & Push-Ups. Plus another brand or 2 of bars & treats that I wasn't familiar with. We called at least half the ward & told everyone to call everyone else. The first roll-off truck got back to the yard along with my mom & her load & it was a madhouse with everything gone in about 20 minutes! When the 2nd roll-off got to the yard later that afternoon most people had already heard about it & come in the morning so even though we called everyone we could think of there was still hundreds of dollars worth of premium ice cream that ended up being thrown away! What a tragedy! When Jeremiah asked what was for dinner that night I told him ice cream & I wasn't kidding! Only because I'd had 2 wisdom teeth pulled earlier that afternoon and still had gauze in my mouth so I hadn't yet been able to have any of the ice cream and I was feeling really sorry for myself! (Besides, having your wisdom teeth pulled I think definitely earns you a free day when you've been cutting out nearly all treats!) My children were in heaven! They would open up a drumstick, eat part of it, open up a Push-Up, have part of that, then have another Drumstick! They were both a sticky-sweet mess!!!

I was worried that they were going to be puking up ice cream any time! Jack did wake up after he'd been in bed for a couple hours that night with a stomach ache! We ended up having pizza for dinner, but I was in Häagen-Dazs heaven once the kids were in bed! I tried some of everything we had at our house until I thought I was going to go into an ice cream-induced coma! I loved it! I look forward to this Friday when I get my other 2 wisdom teeth pulled & can once again over-indulge on wonderful Häagen-Dazs! Until then I'm pretty much in hell every time I open up my freezer door! If you've never had Häagen-Dazs before (because I know it's expensive - it's always a big treat when we buy it!), and you like ice cream, you've got to try it! I wouldn't normally ever sit down with a bowl of vanilla ice cream, but I would if it were Häagen-Dazs! It is SO smooth & delicious! Ahhh! Häagen-Dazs!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

bi-weekly report

It's been a fun past couple of weeks! For Memorial Day weekend we camped with my family & the Petersens. My m&d took the kids up to Kaibab Lake Thursday afternoon since I was at Jury Duty and Jeremiah & I were going to drive up later that evening. We realized we still had quite a bit to do & we wouldn't be able to get there till super late so instead we went out to dinner & enjoyed the quiet then drove up the next morning! We had a good time quadding & fishing, even though the fishing wasn't great. My only catch was a little 5 or 6 inch bass that we threw back. Callie has a little princess fishing pole with a Dora bobber that she was so excited to use again! She didn't catch any fish but she had a good time swinging the pole around & getting close to touching the worms on the hook! On Monday we were back home so I got a babysitter & the adults all went to see Pirates & go out to eat. I think I enjoyed Pirates more than everyone else, but that's because I'm easily entertained! 3 hours of popcorn & an enjoyable movie for only $2.50 is totally great to me!

Our SIXTH anniversary was Saturday so we got yet another babysitter (I'm not even raising my children lately between Jury Duty & date nights!) and went to Vegas for the day to go to the temple & out to lunch. Jer's bro Jason & his wife Richelle came that evening also to visit us for a few days. While they were here we spent quite a bit of time outside watching the kids run through a new sprinkler-toy that Uncle Jason picked out for them. He's always so thoughtful & gets little things for his nieces & nephew! I wish we lived closer to our siblings! It sucks to know that our kids won't know most of their cousins really well like Jeremiah & his cousins all did! Anyway, that's what we've been up to.

Oh, a couple more cute things Callie's said. First, I bent down one day & gave her a big hug & she gave me a tight hug back & said, "You're my best one ever." Awww! I've never even said anything like that to her so it totally surprised me & was just the sweetest thing in the whole dang world! She was also very cute yesterday as I was having her look at a couple different pictures of fisher-price dollhouses. She's going to get one for her birthday but I'm gonna get a previously loved one since the new ones are $60-80 plus another $8-15 per accessory set (i.e. living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc.) & she won't know the difference. Anyway, since I'm so lame & can't make my own decisions I thought my 2 year old could help! (It's not like she's old enough that it's gonna ruin it for her.) Okay, so I showed her the 2 I was having a hard time deciding between & she choose the one she called "the blue one." Later that morning I found the most amazing deal that had just been listed on Craig's List but it wasn't the blue one. So I showed her the pictures again & asked her if she would like this other one. She said she still liked the blue one best. I said I know you like the blue one best but would you still be happy if you had this one instead? She said, "I know I could still be happy with this one but I know I would really like the blue one best. The blue one would make me the most happy. I think the blue one is just better." If you have a small child you know it's pretty amazing & funny that she said all of this. In the end she's not getting the blue one. But she's already forgotten our little conversation I'm sure & I think she'll love having a dollhouse! :)

WTC! Or, How I Waste My Time

Okay, I know it's been a few weeks since all of the season finales, but I just haven't had a chance to blog in a while. So this "What the crap?!" is a bit overdue! First of all, I canNOT believe that Dreamz re-nigged on his deal w/Yau! Dreamz is not a good person plus he's a nut job to boot! Yeah right he planned it all along! That's the biggest pile of crap I've ever heard! And then that he doesn't even feel bad about keeping the truck! WTC! Sucks that Earl ousted Yau but then again, he's right - he would NOT have won otherwise so I guess you can't blame him too much. Moving on. Lost! Another big WTC! I'm gonna be so pissed if they really got off that island & Jack's seriously that bad off! Plus he's supposed to end up with Kate! Why would Kate stay with Sawyer?! Jeremiah had quit watching Lost with me several episodes before this one but happily rejoined me for this finale when he thought that Others were seriously going to get killed! He was SO stoked! So was I but I wasn't the one pummeling the couch saying yes! & take that! :) Anyway, how are they possibly gonna drag Lost out for another season? Either way I'll be watching. Just like when Alias was so old it stank! We had been faithful fans for years so we had to see it through. On a lighter note, I'm glad that Andy picked Tessa on The Bachelor. Yes, I admit I watched it! I hadn't watched it since Andrew Firestone but I was channel-flipping one night while Jer was in class & I got sucked in! Oh yeah, & The Office finale left me totally excited that Pam & Jim might actually get together finally next season! My sister Tara said that in the Brittish version (the original) they DO so that would be sweet! And if you don't watch The Office you are SERIOUSLY missing out on some fun stuff! Okay, that's all I'm going to report for now on how I waste too much of my life! I'm addicted to tv!

Serving Time

I've gotten a little too familiar with the law lately! Unfortunately I was "randomly" pulled for Grand Jury Selection. I say randomly because this was the third time I was randomly selected from all AZ Driver's License holders in Mohave County in about a 2 month's time span! The first I was excused, the 2nd was cancelled, and then I guess 3rd time's the charm! They needed 20 people out of the 60+ that showed up and I was pretty excited that I was the very second person called up there! I thought at least I'd be able to go home sooner! Well turns out Grand Jury Duty is a bit different than the regular jury duty. The Grand Jury meets every Thursday for 3 months! The GJ doesn't decide whether someone's guilty or innocent, it listens to cases and decides whether or not there is probable cause to indict the offender & send them to court. So like I said, I was feeling lucky that I'd be one of the first ones to be excused since I can't really commit my mom to baby-sitting every Thursday for the next 3 months! She's not your stay at home baking cookies kind of grandma! She's got a lot going on! The judge told me there would be alternates for the days she couldn't baby-sit! I can't believe it! So I've been 3 Thursdays so far & I'm over it! And it's not so bad sitting there - some of the stuff we hear is pretty interesting & sometimes we get a good laugh at the idiocracy of these criminals! And I can even play Sudoku off & on during it. But I know it's a huge, for lack of a better word, inconvenience for my mom right now & I feel guilty! She's working really hard trying to flip a house & it's a big deal for her to not be able to spend an entire day every week working on it! Plus I feel like I'm using up all my babysitting from her! So I'm gonna try to get out of the rest of it. Not that I want to shirk my civic duty, but come on, I was selected, not my mom! It's lame that they'd ask a stay at home mom of small children to do this!