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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Serving Time

I've gotten a little too familiar with the law lately! Unfortunately I was "randomly" pulled for Grand Jury Selection. I say randomly because this was the third time I was randomly selected from all AZ Driver's License holders in Mohave County in about a 2 month's time span! The first I was excused, the 2nd was cancelled, and then I guess 3rd time's the charm! They needed 20 people out of the 60+ that showed up and I was pretty excited that I was the very second person called up there! I thought at least I'd be able to go home sooner! Well turns out Grand Jury Duty is a bit different than the regular jury duty. The Grand Jury meets every Thursday for 3 months! The GJ doesn't decide whether someone's guilty or innocent, it listens to cases and decides whether or not there is probable cause to indict the offender & send them to court. So like I said, I was feeling lucky that I'd be one of the first ones to be excused since I can't really commit my mom to baby-sitting every Thursday for the next 3 months! She's not your stay at home baking cookies kind of grandma! She's got a lot going on! The judge told me there would be alternates for the days she couldn't baby-sit! I can't believe it! So I've been 3 Thursdays so far & I'm over it! And it's not so bad sitting there - some of the stuff we hear is pretty interesting & sometimes we get a good laugh at the idiocracy of these criminals! And I can even play Sudoku off & on during it. But I know it's a huge, for lack of a better word, inconvenience for my mom right now & I feel guilty! She's working really hard trying to flip a house & it's a big deal for her to not be able to spend an entire day every week working on it! Plus I feel like I'm using up all my babysitting from her! So I'm gonna try to get out of the rest of it. Not that I want to shirk my civic duty, but come on, I was selected, not my mom! It's lame that they'd ask a stay at home mom of small children to do this!

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