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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

bi-weekly report

It's been a fun past couple of weeks! For Memorial Day weekend we camped with my family & the Petersens. My m&d took the kids up to Kaibab Lake Thursday afternoon since I was at Jury Duty and Jeremiah & I were going to drive up later that evening. We realized we still had quite a bit to do & we wouldn't be able to get there till super late so instead we went out to dinner & enjoyed the quiet then drove up the next morning! We had a good time quadding & fishing, even though the fishing wasn't great. My only catch was a little 5 or 6 inch bass that we threw back. Callie has a little princess fishing pole with a Dora bobber that she was so excited to use again! She didn't catch any fish but she had a good time swinging the pole around & getting close to touching the worms on the hook! On Monday we were back home so I got a babysitter & the adults all went to see Pirates & go out to eat. I think I enjoyed Pirates more than everyone else, but that's because I'm easily entertained! 3 hours of popcorn & an enjoyable movie for only $2.50 is totally great to me!

Our SIXTH anniversary was Saturday so we got yet another babysitter (I'm not even raising my children lately between Jury Duty & date nights!) and went to Vegas for the day to go to the temple & out to lunch. Jer's bro Jason & his wife Richelle came that evening also to visit us for a few days. While they were here we spent quite a bit of time outside watching the kids run through a new sprinkler-toy that Uncle Jason picked out for them. He's always so thoughtful & gets little things for his nieces & nephew! I wish we lived closer to our siblings! It sucks to know that our kids won't know most of their cousins really well like Jeremiah & his cousins all did! Anyway, that's what we've been up to.

Oh, a couple more cute things Callie's said. First, I bent down one day & gave her a big hug & she gave me a tight hug back & said, "You're my best one ever." Awww! I've never even said anything like that to her so it totally surprised me & was just the sweetest thing in the whole dang world! She was also very cute yesterday as I was having her look at a couple different pictures of fisher-price dollhouses. She's going to get one for her birthday but I'm gonna get a previously loved one since the new ones are $60-80 plus another $8-15 per accessory set (i.e. living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc.) & she won't know the difference. Anyway, since I'm so lame & can't make my own decisions I thought my 2 year old could help! (It's not like she's old enough that it's gonna ruin it for her.) Okay, so I showed her the 2 I was having a hard time deciding between & she choose the one she called "the blue one." Later that morning I found the most amazing deal that had just been listed on Craig's List but it wasn't the blue one. So I showed her the pictures again & asked her if she would like this other one. She said she still liked the blue one best. I said I know you like the blue one best but would you still be happy if you had this one instead? She said, "I know I could still be happy with this one but I know I would really like the blue one best. The blue one would make me the most happy. I think the blue one is just better." If you have a small child you know it's pretty amazing & funny that she said all of this. In the end she's not getting the blue one. But she's already forgotten our little conversation I'm sure & I think she'll love having a dollhouse! :)

2 talk to me:

Janelle said...

Callie sounds very smart and precocious (I don't know how to spell that word). When does she turn 3? You have to love when they start saying things on their own that you know they haven't heard from you before. They can be so fun and so challenging. Congrats on 6 years of marriage, I can't believe that. Good luck on getting out of jury duty.

shannon said...

we had so much fun with ya'll!!! i wish our trip could have been longer (but at the house!). and i LOVED the story about the blue doll house, it was SO Callie!