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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Today (and yesterday)

I went on a little excursion today to Laughlin, NV (about 40 mins away) to buy movie tickets for Harry Potter on Saturday night. The theater in Kingman sucks so we thought it would be fun & a change of pace to go to a nicer theater with stadium seating. The theater didn't have online ticketing, at least not that I found, and it's in an outlet mall anyway so I thought I'd do a little window shopping. Okay, yeah right - there's no such thing for me! Anyway, turns out the theater isn't even showing Harry Potter! WTC?! The older theater in Laughlin is showing it, but why would I pay big theater prices for an old crappy theater in Laughlin when I can see it for $4.50 at the crappy theater in Kingman?! So now I spent a lot of money today for nothing! :)

It was 115 degrees in Bullhead/Laughlin (they're across the river from each other). I went to Sam's Club but forgot to bring my freezer bag so my frozen Pillsbury Buttermilk Biscuits (delish!) were mostly thawed when I got home & I'm sure my lettuce is a little wilty. Even though I started the car a couple of mins. before I put the kids in & had the A/C on full blast, poor little Jack still had sweat beads on his face & was red for at least 30 minutes! And my DP was not doing the trick - I was so thirsty for water! It was a good little trip anyway, even if I am poorer now! :)

Yesterday Callie pushed something off the ottoman and when I told her to pick it back up she said she didn't want to. I told her it didn't matter if she didn't want to - she had to and it's not okay to just knock stuff over because she feels like it. She said, "But I don't want to pick it up and I'm a princess so I don't have to!" Oh really! Yeah, well guess who picked it up after the Queen ordered her to?! :)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Another dose of Callie

When I asked Callie to share her drink with Jack she quickly finished it & said, "Apparently I drink all my drink."

And yesterday evening she said, "It's freakin' hot outside."
"What did you say?" I said.
"It's freakin' hot outside."


Fortune Cookies

We had Chinese food Friday night and here was Jeremiah's fortune!

So I may be a little premature in posting this, but I'm just a little excited! :) So here's the rest of the story. I took a test Friday morning & wanted to tell Jer in a cute way (I know, I'm so lame!). When the thought of Chinese for dinner came to mind I knew I had to make him a fortune cookie! So the cookie I made looked a little sickly (not pictured), but was still def. a fortune cookie. Jeremiah hadn't eaten much dinner & I had a feeling he'd pass up a cookie so I'd made a little deal out of it & told Callie that if she'd eat her dinner we could all have a fortune cookie together. I'd unwrapped the others & put them in a bag then I passed them out to the kids & took mine out then handed Jer the little bag. He looked at his cookie & asked if mine was weird too! :) [The one I made was a) bigger than the others, b) a little soft - it never hardened up, & c) cracked]. I said no & didn't even make eye contact for fear of giving it away too early. As he's opening his he says he got the most messed up fortune cookie ever! lol! So he looks at his fortune but doesn't really read the whole thing & apparently there's a piece of cookie stuck over the date. So he tells Callie the first part of his fortune & then is asking her if he should read hers when he reads his again! Then he looked at me & was like, what? (Like, what kind of fortune did Lo's put in his most messed up cookie ever?!). Then it clicked & he was excited! I probably would have waited to say anything to Callie because when we had a pg friend over for dinner a few weeks ago she'd ask if the baby was coming yet & can she see the baby about every 45 seconds! Anyway, I feel particularly proud of my cleverness! :) I know you all want to be just as dorky as me! :)

Hooray America!

I love America & I also love that Jeremiah got to take off a day in the middle of the week! But really, I love America! I loved going to a few Angels games when we lived in SoCal. Even though baseball isn't the most exciting spectator sport, there's something that is just so completely All-American about sitting in the stands at a baseball game, rooting for your team, singing ball-game songs with your fellow Americans, and eating hot dogs & popcorn!

In the American spirit we barbequed on the Fourth. Our baby back ribs were delicious! Callie didn't take a nap that day, but it turns out she needed one, and since she & Jackson don't know exactly what fireworks are, we did sparklers in our backyard around 7 & then put them to bed.

It was nice to sit out on our lawn with Jeremiah and a half pint of Haagen-dazs to watch the celebratory fireworks. We were too lazy to get up & turn on our radio (since the local stations play patriotic music to go along with the show), but we could catch some strains of the songs from someone else's radio a few blocks away. I started kind of jokingly singing the Star-Spangled Banner when the finale started but when Jeremiah joined in we finished it together nicely. I felt extremely proud to be an American. I'm thankful for the happy little life I lead & that there are brave, giving men & women throughout our wonderful country who have given & continue to give service to protect the freedoms that I enjoy every minute! Thanks Reed Mikkelsen (& Liz for supporting him), Grandpas Divis & McCombs (and the Grandmas) & all the other people who have made and are making it possible to live my great life. Hooray America!

Monday, July 02, 2007


She said this to me this morning: "My breath smells like candy. That means it's snack time!"
As a sidenote, I think it's funny that she would ever think her breath smells like candy since it usually smells like Fancy Feast!

I've thrown around the word permission - Did you have permission to get a fruit snack? That kind of thing. So now she's constantly saying, "With commission." "With commission can I please have a fruit snack?" "With commission, can I please make a fort?" "With commission, can I please climb on this?"

She's also constantly asking us what time it is. As if she knows what 12:07 even means!

Hello, Kitty

We had a Hello Kitty extravaganza yesterday for Callie's 3rd birthday! She got her Hello Kitty napkins alright! She had the best day, I think! For one, she loves going to nursery so that started the day out great. I sent rice krispy treats on a Hello Kitty paper plate to give her a taste of things to come! :) Soon after we got home from church her nursery leader rang our doorbell & had brought her a present & a big mylar balloon. Callie was so excited! Especially when she opened the present: Princess fruit snacks & a punching balloon! She & Jack had a tea party and served their guests fruit snacks while Jeremiah made dinner & I frosted her cake.

When my mom, dad & Stuart got to our house all the girls got HK necklaces

& we had dinner with HK paper goods. After dinner she saw the dollhouse that we got for her. She was REALLY excited! When she had inspected everything for a minute she noticed there wasn't a baby for her dollhouse. "Mom, where's the baby? I don't see a baby." What an observative little girl - I wondered if she would notice (I left it out because my mom was giving her the baby and a crib with a musical mobile!). She had the best time opening presents - she loved every single one of them! She's at such a fun age! After my mom, dad, & stuart left we played the 2 new games that she'd got, she played with her dollhouse for an hour & a half!, and then she couldn't wait to wear her new princess nightgown to bed! When I asked her if she'd had a good birthday as I was putting her to bed she told me she had & said "You're the best, mom!" Thanks, Callie. You're the best too.

weekend excursions

Jeremiah went squid fishing in CA on Thursday night w/his brothers Justin & Jason. He said it was an awesome sight - thousands upon thousands of squid all around the boat & ink everywhere. They caught so many that before the excursion was over they just quit trying!

Since he wasn't coming home till Saturday afternoon, I went with my mom & dad to Williams, AZ on Friday night. They needed to pick up my brother Stuart from EFY in Flagstaff Saturday morning & my dad had stayed in this quaint little place in Williams before so we thought it'd be fun to just stop there for the night (about 30 mins from Flag). It was a beautiful evening & we had a great time with the kids taking a walk around downtown Williams. We stopped in this junky little rock shop where Callie found a couple 50 cent dinosaurs. Grandpa said he'd get them so she walked right up to the counter & set them on it. It was pretty cute. Then again, should I be surprised? She's been trained by a pro shopper! :) When my dad finished paying he said something about rocks & dinosaurs. Apparently she'd found a couple little polished rocks that I didn't know about. Probably had we not bought the dinosaurs she would have walked right out the store with the rocks in her hand. Now I have to be responsible for these 2 little rocks that were 25 cents each! We walked by some restaurants & a couple of them had live music. We settled on a diner where we got the hugest slices of pie I've ever encountered! It was fun but it was seriously ridiculous how big these servings were. We all took half our pieces home. The next day we went into Flagstaff & did a little shopping. It was a fun little excursion.

Jeremiah & I saw Ratatouille on Saturday night & it was such a cute movie! I highly recommend seeing it! I think I'm going to get a babysitter this week & take Callie. I doubt she'd last through the whole thing since it's 2 hours long, but I think she'd enjoy it anyway.