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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Fortune Cookies

We had Chinese food Friday night and here was Jeremiah's fortune!

So I may be a little premature in posting this, but I'm just a little excited! :) So here's the rest of the story. I took a test Friday morning & wanted to tell Jer in a cute way (I know, I'm so lame!). When the thought of Chinese for dinner came to mind I knew I had to make him a fortune cookie! So the cookie I made looked a little sickly (not pictured), but was still def. a fortune cookie. Jeremiah hadn't eaten much dinner & I had a feeling he'd pass up a cookie so I'd made a little deal out of it & told Callie that if she'd eat her dinner we could all have a fortune cookie together. I'd unwrapped the others & put them in a bag then I passed them out to the kids & took mine out then handed Jer the little bag. He looked at his cookie & asked if mine was weird too! :) [The one I made was a) bigger than the others, b) a little soft - it never hardened up, & c) cracked]. I said no & didn't even make eye contact for fear of giving it away too early. As he's opening his he says he got the most messed up fortune cookie ever! lol! So he looks at his fortune but doesn't really read the whole thing & apparently there's a piece of cookie stuck over the date. So he tells Callie the first part of his fortune & then is asking her if he should read hers when he reads his again! Then he looked at me & was like, what? (Like, what kind of fortune did Lo's put in his most messed up cookie ever?!). Then it clicked & he was excited! I probably would have waited to say anything to Callie because when we had a pg friend over for dinner a few weeks ago she'd ask if the baby was coming yet & can she see the baby about every 45 seconds! Anyway, I feel particularly proud of my cleverness! :) I know you all want to be just as dorky as me! :)

4 talk to me:

Janelle said...

Congrats! That is awesome, I think March is a wonderful month to have a baby. Now that you have a boy and a girl you don't have to "worry" about what you are having. Are you going to find out? Anyways you are so cute...the way you told Jeremiah. You are so creative. Anyways hope you are feeling well. Good luck and congratulations.

Chelsea and Ryan said...
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The Mikkelsen Family said...

That is so exciting for you!

shannon said...

Holy crap, that is awesome! i guess a cruise is outta the question? are you feeling sick? i am so darn excited for you, hopefully we'll be next! can't wait to see you in a few weeks! are you coming up early???