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Thursday, March 26, 2009

stupid bookcases

I bought a couple of these bookcases from Target in like December & January and had planned on buying 1 or 2 more for my front room. They were $99 each & I think for the money it's a great bookcase. I'm always amazed at how expensive furniture is so for $99 I love these bookcases! Funny {not really} thing is that just last week I was talking to Wendy & she asked if I'd gotten my other bookcases yet & I said I hadn't because I've been putting my money into other house/decorating stuff & was waiting (and when I say waiting I mean that I can't really afford them right now). She suggested I buy them anyway because how terrible would it be if they were discontinued since she'd had that problem a few months prior when she'd finally decided to buy a piece of furniture she'd been thinking about. I said I was sure that wouldn't happen before I bought the last bookcase or 2 since it wasn't that long ago that I'd bought the first ones. Not that a week sooner probably would have made a difference, and why I checked online the day I did I don't know, but my bookcases are DISCONTINUED! I canNOT believe it! I have spent hours on the phone calling Target after Target after Target, each one sending me to another one who shows the bookcases in their inventory only to be let down again. I finally found some in Oregon near the Portland Temple where Jeremiah's parents could possibly get them for me, but I don't know if that will actually pan out. How will I get them here to AZ even if they do get them in OR for me? We never see his parents & who knows when we will again & even if we do in the next several months I don't know if it will be by car or plane. I've also been checking the stock on the same bookcases in the 3-shelf style because even if I had to have different heights at least they'd be the same bookcases, but of course those have been next to impossible to find as well. Fortunately my amazing sister Tara is going to her company's Bountiful, UT office tomorrow for a few hours & is willing to pick up the ones I've located there (yeah, there are seriously none any closer!). And Tara just told me she's coming to town this weekend! But I'd still for sure rather have the 5-shelf. This sucks! Oh, and Jeremiah said to me when I was telling him my frustrations, "They don't have to match!" What?! YES THEY DO! It would be one thing if we were making due with hand-me-downs but we're not! Why would I buy NEW, mismatching bookcases?! How is it that {most} men just don't get this kind of stuff? "They don't have to match." Whatever Jeremiah!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Recent play

One of the kids' favorite things to do right now is play store. If only they could inventory & return things to the back when they were done playing!

Did you take this picture Kate? Jack loves to read! When I stumbled upon this picture I just thought it was SO cute! That's the kids' friend Kiera with Jack.

There's this great, fun new way to watch your favorite show. Have you tried it?!


Here's some pictures I've been meaning to post of my number 1 helper. Callie really is a great help to me. Tonight while we were having dinner (it was the kids & I), I hadn't remembered to get us all drinks & before I even knew she was up (I was at the table feeding Ellie & Cal/Jack were at the bar), she was handing me a glass of water. She does thoughtful little things like that a lot. She really is a sweet girl & definitely a little mama. Because she also likes to repeat directions or scoldings that I give Jack! :)

she dressed herself and it was freezing outside btw

don't worry, they're bathtub crayons :)

Callie & Spencer

the past week (3/18-3/25)

Jeremiah had surgery 2 weeks ago so we moved the recliner into our bedroom so that he could recooperate in style. I had gone shopping for him pre-surgery & got him lots of snacks & treats for all the time he'd be spending in the chair & I set them up next to him on an overturned laundry basket. He was really bad about taking care of his trash. (I know you're thinking that I should have been doing that because the poor guy's hardly mobile, but no - he ignored the dr.'s orders & went back to work 4 days post-surgery but wanted to keep the chair in the room a little longer because he was enjoying the fact that he could go in there & close the door to play video games or watch shows the kids can't while they're still awake. Anyway, he was moving around just fine & could have taken care of his wrappers after the first few days.) So days after he'd quit using the chair full-time he'd left all of his candy & everything out. Ellie got into it while I was in the shower. She would bite the mini eggs in half & drool on it in pieces. Then she wiped her hands all over her pajamas. At least she's trying to clean her hands, right? She's obsessed with drinking water & was hoping there was some in the glass (next picture). Jeremiah didn't get it that dirty, promise!

Oh, & this is Ellie's new favorite way to eat. She's so like her brother! He still occassionally enjoys "eating like a puppy." To reinforce my point about her eating style, we gave her some chocolate chips while we were making cookies & she purposely put them on the floor so she could get on her tummy & eat them off the ground. She likes to put her binky on the floor & pick it up with her mouth too! I must have mixed drugs or something when I was pregnant with Jack & Ellie. They're 2 of a kind!

I love matching outfits!

I picked Callie up from her friend's birthday party Saturday afternoon & was greeted by this lovely face! And boy was she proud that she'd done it herself! :) Awesome! No, what was more awesome was that it wouldn't come off the next morning before church with a diaper wipe. I actually had to pull out the makeup remover (lucky I even had any).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


...that I have another little loon on my hands!
  • She's a shrieker too!
  • This morning Jack was choking on some cereal. She started making choking sounds & laughing. She thought she was so funny (and she was)!
  • She makes really funny faces just like Jack did when he was little (and he hasn't stopped).
  • She fake laughs
Okay, that's all I can think of at the moment, but there are signs all the time! Maybe we should stop while we're- I don't know about ahead! But then again they're just so dang cute!

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Apparently a little leprechaun magicked itself into my home last night & hid clues & some gold & coloring pages for me lucky wee children! They had seriously the best time trying to find their clues! I think they enjoyed the clue-finding part more than the gold-finding part because Callie is a loud & excitable girl & I fully expected a squeal of delight when they found the gold but instead Callie just picked up her little bag of gold & proudly brought it over & smiled. I told the kids it's their lucky day because we've never had a leprechaun come to our house before & it doesn't usually happen. I guess the leprechaun was just in a good mood! :) Callie's making sure she wears green to school today so she doesn't have to get a pinch!

Monday, March 09, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Ellie! - part 2

We had an actual {little} party for Ellie with my family on Sunday. Ellie didn't really care about presents except for her box of tissues. Besides tissues, we got her a couple small toys & some needed clothes, my parents got her a new Leap Frog Fridge Farm (one of the most loved toys in our house but the old one had seen better days), and Tara got her some Cinderella Mega Blocks. I think she made out pretty good for a 3rd child 1 year old, considering that I had originally thought I'd just give her some old toys! But the clothes she needed since most of Callie's hand me downs were off season. The 2 toys: Lil' Snoopy pull toy (I can't believe we've never had one of those- it's a classic!) and a Press & Go Cheetah.

I found Callie standing on a [sturdy] stool lifting Ellie up so she could eat some cake scraps! Ellie is unhappy in this picture because Callie had put her down & Ellie wanted more so Callie is just picking Ellie back up.

Jeremiah's aunts told me a few years ago about this present. On their first bday you give the bday baby a box of tissues & let them go nuts ripping each tissue out! Jack loved it & so did Ellie! (I hadn't heard about it w/Callie)

Ellie was taking them out & sharing with everyone. :)

Jack was stuffing the tissues down his shirt!

Ellie & Uncle Kenny took turns feeding each other.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Jack's Room

Just for fun!

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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Ellie!

I sure love this little girl & I can't believe it's been a year since she joined our family! Well, I guess when I think of all the sleep I haven't gotten it might seem like a year. :) Here are some of the ways she compares to her older siblings when they were her age.

  • she has a definite (and great) pesonality
  • she is generally very happy
  • beautiful eyes that people can't help but comment on
  • she has the Divis-pitch screech/squeal (seriously high)
  • she loves her binky
  • she loves to play & sing
  • car trips don't agree with her
  • loves throwing food over the side of her tray
  • adored by her family
  • she is a total tantrum thrower! (she actually throws herself on the floor & kicks her legs!)
  • she doesn't sleep through the night
  • not a great napper
  • she's a little chub compared to the other 2!
  • doesn't like milk(cow)/bottles (unless they belong to a friend)
  • prefers grown-up food
We just adore our little sweetheart!

We helped her open this sweet mini apron from her great Grandma Divis this morning. How cute is a baby in an apron?!

We're going to grill & do cake/ice cream on Sunday w/my parents & some of my siblings so we did cupcakes & pizza tonight (Ellie loves pizza!). Thanks to Kate for some of the great pics from tonight. The Porters stopped by so the men could talk dunes so we invited them to stay & eat our gross pizza with us. At least the cupcakes were yummy!

Happy first birthday little darling!