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Monday, March 09, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Ellie! - part 2

We had an actual {little} party for Ellie with my family on Sunday. Ellie didn't really care about presents except for her box of tissues. Besides tissues, we got her a couple small toys & some needed clothes, my parents got her a new Leap Frog Fridge Farm (one of the most loved toys in our house but the old one had seen better days), and Tara got her some Cinderella Mega Blocks. I think she made out pretty good for a 3rd child 1 year old, considering that I had originally thought I'd just give her some old toys! But the clothes she needed since most of Callie's hand me downs were off season. The 2 toys: Lil' Snoopy pull toy (I can't believe we've never had one of those- it's a classic!) and a Press & Go Cheetah.

I found Callie standing on a [sturdy] stool lifting Ellie up so she could eat some cake scraps! Ellie is unhappy in this picture because Callie had put her down & Ellie wanted more so Callie is just picking Ellie back up.

Jeremiah's aunts told me a few years ago about this present. On their first bday you give the bday baby a box of tissues & let them go nuts ripping each tissue out! Jack loved it & so did Ellie! (I hadn't heard about it w/Callie)

Ellie was taking them out & sharing with everyone. :)

Jack was stuffing the tissues down his shirt!

Ellie & Uncle Kenny took turns feeding each other.

3 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

diet be damned! i want some of that cake!

Miss-tearious said...

Haha, so where you said that Ellie and Kenny took turns feeding each other it totally reminded me of the Goonies! Where Lars and Chunk are feeding each other.

But neither Kenny nor Ellie are retarded! Lol

Dansie Family said...

tell me more about that cake. yum!