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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Out of touch

I suck. So sue me. I don't know how I'm gonna handle life when it gets busy for real & it's not just running back & forth between kindergarten & preschool! Here's to catching up! (And let me just add that I did NOT in any way, shape, or form make keeping up on my blog a New Year's Resolution. Why? Cause I knew I'd FAIL!)

One of the kids' favorite things to do with Jeremiah is play "bear trap" & do pony rides. Bear trap is an invented game. The kids are the bears & Jeremiah's the trap. He lies on the floor & they try to run around him & he grabs them & they wrestle. The kids L O V E it & can play it for a LONG time!

The kids LOVE to look at the backs of cereal boxes!

Ellie really enjoys plunking on (or elbowing) the piano.

Jackson the pirate (look courtesy of Uncle Jonny)

Grandma Darcy is always so good about reading to the kids! How lucky we are to live by one set of grandparents. Maybe someday we'll live by both!

Ellie has been binky-free since the beginning of December. She was up on the counter one day (last day of Jan) and found one that I had saved for an emergency but then forgot to get rid of. She stuck it in her mouth like it'd never been missing. It's sad really, she STILL (like this last week) asks for her binky (even before she found this one). Sometimes she sucks on a few of her fingers. Not enough that it's a habit we'll have to break, thank goodness. I let her have her fun with this binky for a couple of minutes before I took it. I'd snipped the tops off all her binkies, so she knew exactly what was going on when I told her this binky was broken too (even though she didn't see it happen to this one or the others). For a month & half after we originally took the binky away it was so sad - she was always saying "binky broken!" :(

Making Valentine's Day class treats. Idea from Skip to my Lou.

Just a girl enjoying a couple of suckers!

Callie's been thinking she's pretty cool walking around in my boots. She was bugged when I told her to put her own shoes before we went to the store one day!

This girl plays tough! Not sure if it was her idea or Callie's to get her suited up, but Callie definitely helped! :)

Jeremiah, Jonny & our friend Warren went javelina hunting for a couple days last weekend. They were so glad to get their javelinas!