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Friday, January 23, 2009

some house pictures

A few of you have wanted to see some pictures of our house. Here are just a couple rooms although they're not put together yet. I have several things I plan on getting & then there's the stuff I already have that's still in boxes or piles just waiting to be hung. Sometime I'll get to it. I keep forgetting to take pictures of the other parts when the house is picked up. I snapped these ones before we moved Ellie's crib into Callie's room when Jonny came (Jan 18). Jonny's here till April so maybe once Ellie has her room back I'll get to the decorating part of it.

Ellie's room:

Callie's room:

Oh, the wall behind Callie's bed used to be a double door into the entryway. We added a new door (it's where I'm taking the first picture from so you can't actually see it) & filled in the old. I just thought it was kind of strange to have a kids' bedroom door go into the entryway & since we never plan on using the room as a den it made sense to put a doorway going into the hall by the other rooms.

The kids' bathroom with awesome hotel rod per Tara's request:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Straw Incident

How does this happen? The kids & I were eating dinner while Jeremiah was at a meeting. Callie was standing on her chair leaning over the table & for some reason her placemat was on the chair. She slipped & fell just the wrong way so that the straw in her cup went a little up her nose! I wasn't freaking out but I was definitely concerned! How would I know if it'd gone too far up? I sent Jeremiah a text to call home now! & he excused himself from the meeting & called right away. He said that if the straw had gone too far up she'd be dead so she was probably okay & to just put a tampon up her nose to stop the bleeding. Here's our happy girl! Kind of put a damper on the Italian Sodas!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

good things

Some pictures of my smallest cutie pie:

(read the shirt)

And everything about this picture. The bread was awesome! Somebody in our ward (I'm assuming) made it & dropped it off on our doorstep & rang the bell & ran. We had thick slices of toast for breakfast with creamy honey twice. Check out Jack in the background. Love that boy!

Havalina, Javelina

Jeremiah and my brother Kenny went hunting for Javelina last weekend & smoked one! Jeremiah was stoked since AZ hunting has not always been good to him.

Sweet hat Kenny.

Callie & Jack were fascinated. I don't know how much of this they stayed & watched because it smelled really bad & I went back inside. Jeremiah gave the meat to one of the guys who works for him who made carnitas out of it. I tried it & it wasn't bad, but I'm not going to be requesting it. Jeremiah will be happy to know that when we visited my friend Tana a few days later her husband was looking at a javelina online & Callie knew exactly what it was!

Sunday, Sunday

We put the crazy in crazy! Jeremiah's in the stake YM & it's that wonderful time of year that is ward conferences so he won't be with me in Sacrament Mtg for the next several weeks. Today was day 1. Callie & Jack actually did pretty well in Sacrament other than Jack may have put his hands into some other peoples water cups? Ellie was the big offender. She had fallen asleep as we parked our car & I hoped she'd fall back asleep in my arms but that was too much to hope for. Instead she fought sleep & acted crazy the whole time. If you've been around my children you know that they all have a very special set of lungs. They do the highest pitched shrieks I (and most people) have ever heard! All 3 of them! So Ellie let out of couple of her mid-range shrieks just for fun. After Sacrament Jack took off & then Callie thought she was helping get him by chasing him. I got them to the primary room and they both cried. Today was my first day teaching the 7 year old class so one of the primary presidency members got Jack & calmed him down, Callie's teacher got her & calmed her down, & I took Ellie & made my way past 8 kids to the chair by the wall for opening exercises. 2 more kids joined my class & there weren't enough seats so kids were sharing & some rowdy boys had to be talked to & separated. Ellie fell asleep finally & then Jack came & wanted me to hold him too so as I tried to hoist him onto my lap I hit Ellie's head on the wall & woke her up & she let out some loud screams. After I got her back to sleep, I took her to this really nice woman who'd said she'd keep her for the rest of church for me. Then it was time to go to classes & Jack & Callie both cried again. And then Jack smacked the primary president because he was mad that she was trying to help me deal with him. I was pretty embarrassed & upset with Jack for doing that. He may occassionally hit but it's never been a problem & I can't believe that he'd hit another adult! I taught my class & tried to keep the crazy boys from getting out of control (out of the 10 kids, 8 were boys), and then it was time to go home. I collected my older 2 children & stopped off at the library to drop off my chalk & thought they were walking in behind me but Jack kept going & then Callie "helped" me again. She chased Jack almost all the way around the church! I was trying to walk as quickly as I could yet still be reverent to get my hooligans! I passed by the woman who'd taken Ellie for me & asked if she could keep her for another minute while I caught the 2 who'd got away. It was great to finally get the kids in the door when we got home.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Mom Song

Jeremiah's grandma sent this to me. I love it! I hope it makes you chuckle too.

{the one I linked to before has been removed - this version is similar (not quite as good)}

Saturday, January 03, 2009


At long last I have decided to update my blog! And in case you're confused by the stuff that wasn't there before, I'm back-dating all my posts. Well this is a journal after all!

Oh, and if you're feeling bummed about not getting my Christmas card this year (I'm sure you're all just crying yourselves to sleep over it) cheer up - you're still on my list. I just didn't send any this year. I actually got them printed but there were technical difficulties & it just didn't work out. Sorry! I loved all the cards we received though - thank you for thinking of us!

Ringing in the new year!

We had a fun time with the Haws & Rupp families ringing in the new year! We ate way too many snacks & had lots of fun. The kids were wild until after our countdown at 10 when we put them in our room with a movie - they didn't last long once they got all snuggled in! Once the kids were in bed we played a million rounds of Scum & then a game of Oh Heck. Sweet Jeremiah let me sleep till 10 the next day (we went to bed at 2) and he got up at 8. Happy New Year to me!