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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Havalina, Javelina

Jeremiah and my brother Kenny went hunting for Javelina last weekend & smoked one! Jeremiah was stoked since AZ hunting has not always been good to him.

Sweet hat Kenny.

Callie & Jack were fascinated. I don't know how much of this they stayed & watched because it smelled really bad & I went back inside. Jeremiah gave the meat to one of the guys who works for him who made carnitas out of it. I tried it & it wasn't bad, but I'm not going to be requesting it. Jeremiah will be happy to know that when we visited my friend Tana a few days later her husband was looking at a javelina online & Callie knew exactly what it was!

3 talk to me:

trina said...

ohmygosh, carnitas!!!!! yummmy!!!

Chelsea said...

Jack's shoes are awesome. What a funny boy he is. Thunder misses him...a little...maybe.

Janelle said...

No one in my family hunts so I still have a hard time seeing dead animals. But glad Jeremiah was happy.