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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tylenol Junkies

Is it strange that my children delight in medicine taking? Callie LOVES Tylenol in any form, but especially the Meltaways. She'll say to me, "Mom, I gumpy. I need Tynol." So since she's been sick the last 3 days she's constantly asking me for medicine. "Mom, I sick, I need some medicine." She even cries if I won't give her any (I'm so mean!). 2 nights ago I gave her some Tylenol Simply Cough - it's Cherry Berry flavored (yeah, whatever) & you give it to your kid in a little cup. I thought for sure she'd think it was gross but she savored every sip of the stuff. She gets excited when it's time to drink some more Tylenol.

And Jack is headed down the same twisted path. He's seriously happy when he sees the dropperful of grape Tylenol & most always gladly opens his mouth for the treat!

Even Jeremiah said last night after running out of Tylenol with Cool Burst that I needed to buy some more since it's a lot better than the Nyquil or whatever he'd been taking.

Is Tylenol a publicly traded company? We need to put our money where our addiction is!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

LCD, HDTV, HDMI, DVI, DVR - I Love Technology!

Another Thanksgiving, come & gone. My grandparents came from Overgaard, AZ, Kenny came, Tara came, & Kayleigh came & brought her bf Dustin (who I really liked!). Highlights of the weekend were new holiday pj's for the kids on Thanksgiving night (I'll have to post pictures later), Settlers, and of course good food & pecan pie! We finally have broadened our gaming horizon & tried the game Tikal. Overall it's enjoyable & something new, but I can't say it's the new fav yet. I haven't tired of Settlers because my winning ratio is much less impressive than Jeremiah's. So for me I love the challenge of beating Jeremiah. But Mr. Victory is tired of always playing Settlers (a fair argument) so we figured we might as well try some new games & if we don't like the game we buy we can always resell it on eBay.

So this was the first year since I met Jeremiah that we (or I) didn't get up in the wee hours of the morning to do Day-After-Thanksgiving shopping! I was really a little bummed about it! We'd planned on staying the night in Henderson at Tara's on Thanksgiving so we could hit Best Buy, JC Penney, & a couple others, but Jeremiah hurt his back playing football Thanksgiving morning so he wasn't about to stand in line for hours at Best Buy for a new LCD tv & a laptop (we figure we'd have needed to be in line before midnight). So after much deliberation we decided that we really didn't need anything from WalMart or Home Depot (about all our town has to offer) and I stayed in bed. I really LOVE getting up to do the shopping though. It's SO exciting to be right there in the middle of the madness. It's always been a fun thing so far because we haven't needed to buy the season's hottest toy so we've been able to laugh at the crazed looks on these moms' & dads' faces as they push through the crowds to get THE toy for their child.

I do have to admit that we ended up getting an LCD anyway! My dad, king of amazing deals, actually got WalMart to ad-match their 32" LCD with Home Depot's! WalMart's was almost $100 more than Home Depot's (and Best Buy's), but it was a much better tv than Home Depot's. Crazy thing is, WalMart's ad had printed on it that they would NOT ad-match the tv unless it was the EXACT same model, which if you've gone appliance shopping anywhere you know that they all have slightly different model #'s for that very reason! My dad should be a negotiator- he is SO good at getting people to bend and give him what he wants!

So now the only problem with our new LCD is that our cable company doesn't have HD broadcast in our city & doesn't know when they will. We looked into Dish Network, but because I HATE their on-screen channel guide so much (and a few other reasons), we've decided to wait it out with our cable company. There's only a handful of channels anyway that are broadcast in HD so whatever. The lady at our cable company said that sometime in 2008 (and I guess the holdup is the government) ALL channels will be broadcast in HD. Fact or fiction, I don't know, but how sick will that be if it is true?!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Conversation with Callie

"Mom, I pooped."
"You pooped in your panties?"
"Why did you do that?"
"Because! I pooped!"
"That makes mama sad."
Callie gets behind kitchen curtain & says "ROAR!"
"Mom, I scare you."
"No, I'm not scared. I'm frowing."
"You sad mom?"
"Yeah. I'm sad that you pooped your panties."
"Mom, cry!"
"Yeah! You sad - cry!"
"I'm sad but I'm not going to cry."
"Yes! Do it!"

Thursday, November 16, 2006

A weed is no more than a flower in disguise.

When Callie brought this little handful of weeds in I was about to tell her to get them back outside because they'd make a mess. Thankfully before I could say anything she sweetly held out her little bouquet to me & said, "Here mom, I got you flowers." Talk about melt your heart! This is the first time Callie's brought me flowers. I love that girl! We put the "flowers" in her new little tea set vase.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Our California Adventure

We headed to CA Wednesday afternoon - early enough to get to The Men's Wearhouse in time to get Jeremiah a new suit for his brother Jason's wedding. 6 hours & $400 later we had an awesome new black pin-striped suit that would be ready to be picked up Friday evening.

On Thursday we went to Disneyland with Jeremiah's mom, sister Tabetha, & b-i-l Travis. Callie had talked about going to Disneyland and seeing Mickey Mouse on Thursday all week long! In fact on Thursday morning when she started asking about seeing Mickey Mouse we told her that we would get to see him that day & she said, "Hooray! Mickey Mouse!" for what was the first of many times that day! And sometimes she'd even add a "Hip, Hip," before the "Hooray!" She LOVED Disneyland! We'd gone in February but she didn't get it then. It's amazing what 9 months will do! She did not like Pirates - both she & Jack were very scared! But she really liked the rest of the rides we took her on. Especially Gadget's Go-Coaster! She sat with Grandma Divis who had an arm around her so Callie could only get one arm up to go down the coaster, but she kept that arm up the whole time along with a petrified look on her face! But when it was all over and we got off she got a big grin on her face & said it was fun & that she wanted to do it again! Jack was a very good little guy all day, as usual!

On Friday Jack & I got to do some shopping (Jack definitely didn't enjoy it as much as I did!), & Callie went with Jeremiah & his m&d to visit his brothers at work & to the beach.

Saturday was wedding day. The Newport Beach Temple is beautiful! I'm so excited that Jason & Richelle finally got married! I'm excited to have Richelle for a sister-in-law. She's awesome! We took so many pictures waiting for Jason & Richelle to make their big entrance out of the temple that I finally handed the camera to Jeremiah to carry & neither of us remembered to get it back out to take any pictures of the bride & groom! How lame are we?! :) So hopefully someone in our family will email us some good pictures. Jas & Richelle both looked so happy & great! Their reception that evening was amazing! Richelle did a really great job with the wedding!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Halloween was great for the Divis household- at least 2 of us anyway (Callie & me). For me because I love everything about the holiday & season! I got to make the funnest costumes (although you should have seen our house every time we looked at the things - feathers everywhere!), we carved pumpkins, we had candy, what more could you ask for? We carved pumpkins for Family Night on Monday with Stuart who stayed with us for a week & a half while my m&d were out of town. Stuart hadn't ever carved a pumpkin before using a pattern & we kept trying to warn him that the pattern he was choosing was probably too intense for a first-timer but he totally proved us wrong with his awesome pumpkin-carving skills!

Callie helped Jeremiah with his. She was adorable! She kept rubbing his arm & patting his shoulder and saying, "Good job, daddy," or, "I like it," or, "Looks good!" I being the serious pumpkin carver & being in a Harry Potterish mood, carved an owl.

So the decision to have chickens for Halloween came about because I saw a similar chicken costume a few years ago in a magazine & wanted to someday make one because I loved it! I figured that next year Callie would have an opinion about what she wanted to be & since she'd surely never choose to be a chicken, this was the year to do it. Turns out I was wrong about her not having an opinion! At first she was really excited because she sings a chicken song that we see on Noggin so she's all about the chicken. But after going to Story Time at the Library and seeing one of her little friends dressed as Cinderella, she was so over the chicken! The morning of trunk-or-treat night:

Me: Callie, are you so excited to be a chicken & go trick-or-treating?
Callie: I want to wear a Cinderella dress.
Me: You do?
Callie: Yeah.
Me: But you're going to be a chicken.
Callie: No mommy, I don't want to be chicken. I want to wear a Cinderella dress!

Who knew that a 2-year old would have an opinion. The chicken of course stayed. We went to a Harry Potter themed Halloween party on Halloween (amazing job), and then we took Callie trick-or-treating for a half hour. Jeremiah wanted to go home after 2 houses but Callie was thoroughly enjoying herself. I told her to say that she wanted to go to the next house & that stuck. Jeremiah was ready to go home after every house & Callie said every time, "Next house, daddy," or "One more house, daddy." It was hilarious!

Now the only problem has been that big pumkin bucket with all the candy (which wasn't that much since we didn't go to many houses, but when you're 2 it's a ton!). We keep it on top of the fridge and Callie is constantly asking for pumpkin candy. I put all the candy in another bowl (that she doesn't know about) so the candy fairy comes every night and kindly deposits a couple little pieces of candy into her pumpkin bucket. She loves it! And her favorite of all the candies? Suckers! (And Jack likes them too!)