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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Tylenol Junkies

Is it strange that my children delight in medicine taking? Callie LOVES Tylenol in any form, but especially the Meltaways. She'll say to me, "Mom, I gumpy. I need Tynol." So since she's been sick the last 3 days she's constantly asking me for medicine. "Mom, I sick, I need some medicine." She even cries if I won't give her any (I'm so mean!). 2 nights ago I gave her some Tylenol Simply Cough - it's Cherry Berry flavored (yeah, whatever) & you give it to your kid in a little cup. I thought for sure she'd think it was gross but she savored every sip of the stuff. She gets excited when it's time to drink some more Tylenol.

And Jack is headed down the same twisted path. He's seriously happy when he sees the dropperful of grape Tylenol & most always gladly opens his mouth for the treat!

Even Jeremiah said last night after running out of Tylenol with Cool Burst that I needed to buy some more since it's a lot better than the Nyquil or whatever he'd been taking.

Is Tylenol a publicly traded company? We need to put our money where our addiction is!

2 talk to me:

C+R said...

yes, it's publicly traded. Buy stocks.

shannon said...

that is so funny, in a twisted way. but have you tasted the meltaways??? they are really so good. i have convinced Collin that they are "treats" in the form of smarties. if he knows they are medicine, he'll chuck the thing right in my eyeball.