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Monday, December 29, 2008

December Pictures

Random pictures from the month:

I put Ellie in the tub (dry) with toys while I was getting ready. Somebody (I won't say it was Jack because I can't prove it) turned on the water (they say it was Ellie - & yes I was right next to them all). Ellie had a great time splashing around in the teensy bit of water that was around the drain.

Little Mommy loves to help. She begged & begged to help feed Ellie. Ellie wasn't as clean as usual after her meal, but Callie did a great job & has helped several times now.

Apparently we're out of the regular sized straws! (it's a snorkel)

9 months old!

The sweetest present!

Halloween pajamas, Callie's hat, rainboots, and a "horsey ride" around the yard.

She dressed herself. Can you see where Jack gets his fashion sense?

Family Night gingerbread house building. A Divis tradition.

I knew Jack was in my bathroom playing with some toys in the sink, but I didn't realize he was IN the sink! He was quite pleased with himself for giving himself a bath in the sink! lol!

Callie & one of her best friends Kenadee (who she gets to play with every Thursday).

The reindeer who never made the song.

Notice the angel at the back? Yeah, that's Callie. She cried & refused to participate with her classmates in their Christmas program at school.

For some reason Ellie loved crawling under the tree.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas morning was really fun this year because Callie is at a perfect age! She was really excited when she woke up Christmas morning to see what Santa had filled her stocking with. We had to wake Jack up because we just couldn't hold her back any longer. She was happy to see that Santa had eaten the piece of cheesecake (& milk) they'd left out. She was also really happy that he'd taken the little pictures with messages that she & Jack (who she'd helped) had left for him (which I remembered about just before I drifted off to sleep - thank goodness!).

Jeremiah grew up having piles of presents (meaning each child had a pile). I grew up where present opening could take days because we'd go around one at a time taking turns opening a present (and there were 6 kids!). Both ways are fine but this year we tried Jeremiah's way. Jeremiah's way is probably more fun for the kids - especially at this age!

After we did Christmas at our house we went to my mom & dad's where everyone was just getting up (at like 10:30!). We did presents again & had my family's traditional breakfast casserole (yum-o!) & hung out for a while. On Christmas day we snacked & had leftovers. On Christmas Eve we'd had our big dinner which was delicious- prime rib! Oh my gosh it was so good! It was really fun having all of my siblings here for Christmas since my brothers are both leaving for missions in a few months.

Most played with presents:
Callie: Cabbage Patch baby from Uncle Jason & Aunt Richelle, doll stuff & play baking set from Santa
Jack: electronic font-end loader from Papa & Nana, Imaginext dinosaurs, & electronic pirate pistol
Ellie: doll stroller that is a walking toy from Grandpa Ken & Grandma Darcy, & Bee Bop Band music set

Okay, Jer & I haven't played with either of these presents yet, but these are the ones that we're most excited about:
Jeremiah: SPOT from his mom & dad (I'm so stoked about this since he hunts & plays a lot).
Me: An awesome project table! I'd mentioned I loved the one from Pottery Barn & wanted to try & make a cheap version of it so he had this guy build it for me! I'll have to take a picture soon. I love it! I can't wait to do lots of projects on it!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow day in Kingman!

Which never happens. Well maybe once and rarely twice a year. But never like this! We woke up to snow & it snowed all morning. It eventually turned to rain (in the evening) and then sleet & snow again but by the next day lots had already melted.

8:40 am

9:27 am (they got themselves ready)(no, i didn't let them out like that)

3:37 pm

It took me a few minutes to shovel a pathway around the car & scrape enough snow off the top so that we could get in. How funny is it that 2 months ago I had a yard sale & got ride of a big snow/ice scraper that I'd had for years & then I had to use a broom for this! I couldn't believe how much more snow had come down before I even finished the job!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Nutcracker!

I have loved The Nutcracker ballet ever since I was like 6 or 7 & my then grandmother took me to see it. I've dragged Jeremiah to it once or twice and he really can't hardly take it & is thrilled that having a daughter finally old enough to go with me means that he will never ever have to suffer through it again! I'd been planning on taking Callie for more than a year, so when I found out there was a community production of it in Boulder, NV which was way less expensive than a professional ballet, my friends & I decided to take our daughters & have a girls' night. Callie & I had the best time! We went up to Henderson in the afternoon to do a small amount of shopping & we met up with my good friend Tana & her girls Corinne & Ali (who were going with us) for dinner at Pei Wei. Summer & Kenadee, and Kate & Kiera both had a ward party to go to so they came up & met us at the theater. Callie had talked about seeing The Nutcracker (and about our girls' night) for weeks & weeks & was SO excited! I wasn't sure how much she'd actually like it though because a week before there was a live version (as opposed to Barbie or Carebears) on tv & Jeremiah told her what it was & she didn't believe that that was what it was since she'd only seen cartoon versions. I think she even told him it was boring! Anyway, from the moment they turned down the lights she was mesmerized. Seriously! Permagrin for like the first 20 minutes! About 45 minutes into it she said she loved it & asked if we could watch it again. I said sure - maybe next year & she said no, right after this! After the performance we were able to take pictures with some of the cast (who even gave all our girls flowers!) - they especially loved meeting "Clara". After The Nutcracker we took the girls to McDonald's & had ice cream. On the way to McD's Callie was on the phone with Jeremiah & he asked if The Nutcracker was good & she said, "Heck yeah it was good!" After ice cream Callie talked all about our girls' night for almost 30 minutes. She finally fell asleep on the drive home at 11:30! I'm so glad she had such a great girls' night! Oh, & one more cute thing is that some of the cast who played Clara's friends at the Christmas party in the first act were the ones handing out programs before the ballet began so since one of the girls handed Callie her program she treats that thing like gold & tells us how special it is!

Friday, December 12, 2008

12 on the 12th

Friday, December 12th:


Up at 6:30 to head to the gym. It takes me almost 15 minutes to get there now & I meet Ashley (one of my good friends & awesome workout partner) at 7. Well I try to be there at 7! :) I'm usually within a couple of minutes.

Ellie was fascinated with the lights on the tree. Once we got the ornaments on she loved those too, but we only had lights up for a few days because I needed to buy more & didn't want to decorate before the rest of the lights were on. I did end up letting the kids just go nuts & decorate themselves (they loved it & it kept them busy for quite a while), then I took the ornaments off to add the new lights one night.

Callie loved this Strawberry Shortcake ornament that I had as a kid. I loved it then too! It's the only ornament that I kept from my childhood (maybe it was the only one that was just mine?). For the couple of days before we decorated the tree she would often pick it up & lovingly look at it.

I bed you didn't know one of my hidden talents is being a pancake artist (lol)! Our special order pancakes used to be the basic Mickey Mouse, but now I get requests for all kinds of things. Because we've all been in a holiday mood, Jack requested a star & Callie wanted a Christmas tree. I was hoping they would have requested an ornament! ;)

I love that Jack's such a little bookworm! He can often be found lying on his bed or sitting on the couch looking at books.

To the untrained eye this may just look like a pile of clothes, but a mother of a 4 year old girl will discover that it's not just any old clothes, it's dance clothes! Tights, skirt, leotard, & shrug. Callie has dance on Fridays & they've been getting ready for their Christmas recital! She loves her dance class!

This was from our first shoot for Christmas card pictures. Yes, I said first!

We had the company Christmas party at Golden Corral. This was the end of the evening but Callie had been a little sleepy the whole time so she had spent a good deal of time on my mom's lap. That was nice for Jeremiah & I because Jack on the other hand was a wild animal who could not be tamed!

I stopped to get gas on the way home from the Christmas party & was thrilled with the gas prices (even though my sisters have paid like 50 cents less!).

We pass by the kids' dentist office every time we drive "to town" and at least one of them each time happily sings "the dentist!" It always makes me laugh! I'm sure eventually they'll stop saying it, but it's been a month so far!

I decided to take the kids to look at Christmas lights on our way home & they were so excited at every house. This one was a favorite (we drive by it often but usually during the day). Some people really love their inflatables!

"How do dinosaurs learn to play? They romp & stomp the friendly way!" I got Jack a little pocket set of the How Do Dinosaurs... books & he loves them. I love that it's bedtime!