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Friday, December 26, 2008


Christmas morning was really fun this year because Callie is at a perfect age! She was really excited when she woke up Christmas morning to see what Santa had filled her stocking with. We had to wake Jack up because we just couldn't hold her back any longer. She was happy to see that Santa had eaten the piece of cheesecake (& milk) they'd left out. She was also really happy that he'd taken the little pictures with messages that she & Jack (who she'd helped) had left for him (which I remembered about just before I drifted off to sleep - thank goodness!).

Jeremiah grew up having piles of presents (meaning each child had a pile). I grew up where present opening could take days because we'd go around one at a time taking turns opening a present (and there were 6 kids!). Both ways are fine but this year we tried Jeremiah's way. Jeremiah's way is probably more fun for the kids - especially at this age!

After we did Christmas at our house we went to my mom & dad's where everyone was just getting up (at like 10:30!). We did presents again & had my family's traditional breakfast casserole (yum-o!) & hung out for a while. On Christmas day we snacked & had leftovers. On Christmas Eve we'd had our big dinner which was delicious- prime rib! Oh my gosh it was so good! It was really fun having all of my siblings here for Christmas since my brothers are both leaving for missions in a few months.

Most played with presents:
Callie: Cabbage Patch baby from Uncle Jason & Aunt Richelle, doll stuff & play baking set from Santa
Jack: electronic font-end loader from Papa & Nana, Imaginext dinosaurs, & electronic pirate pistol
Ellie: doll stroller that is a walking toy from Grandpa Ken & Grandma Darcy, & Bee Bop Band music set

Okay, Jer & I haven't played with either of these presents yet, but these are the ones that we're most excited about:
Jeremiah: SPOT from his mom & dad (I'm so stoked about this since he hunts & plays a lot).
Me: An awesome project table! I'd mentioned I loved the one from Pottery Barn & wanted to try & make a cheap version of it so he had this guy build it for me! I'll have to take a picture soon. I love it! I can't wait to do lots of projects on it!

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