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Friday, December 12, 2008

12 on the 12th

Friday, December 12th:


Up at 6:30 to head to the gym. It takes me almost 15 minutes to get there now & I meet Ashley (one of my good friends & awesome workout partner) at 7. Well I try to be there at 7! :) I'm usually within a couple of minutes.

Ellie was fascinated with the lights on the tree. Once we got the ornaments on she loved those too, but we only had lights up for a few days because I needed to buy more & didn't want to decorate before the rest of the lights were on. I did end up letting the kids just go nuts & decorate themselves (they loved it & it kept them busy for quite a while), then I took the ornaments off to add the new lights one night.

Callie loved this Strawberry Shortcake ornament that I had as a kid. I loved it then too! It's the only ornament that I kept from my childhood (maybe it was the only one that was just mine?). For the couple of days before we decorated the tree she would often pick it up & lovingly look at it.

I bed you didn't know one of my hidden talents is being a pancake artist (lol)! Our special order pancakes used to be the basic Mickey Mouse, but now I get requests for all kinds of things. Because we've all been in a holiday mood, Jack requested a star & Callie wanted a Christmas tree. I was hoping they would have requested an ornament! ;)

I love that Jack's such a little bookworm! He can often be found lying on his bed or sitting on the couch looking at books.

To the untrained eye this may just look like a pile of clothes, but a mother of a 4 year old girl will discover that it's not just any old clothes, it's dance clothes! Tights, skirt, leotard, & shrug. Callie has dance on Fridays & they've been getting ready for their Christmas recital! She loves her dance class!

This was from our first shoot for Christmas card pictures. Yes, I said first!

We had the company Christmas party at Golden Corral. This was the end of the evening but Callie had been a little sleepy the whole time so she had spent a good deal of time on my mom's lap. That was nice for Jeremiah & I because Jack on the other hand was a wild animal who could not be tamed!

I stopped to get gas on the way home from the Christmas party & was thrilled with the gas prices (even though my sisters have paid like 50 cents less!).

We pass by the kids' dentist office every time we drive "to town" and at least one of them each time happily sings "the dentist!" It always makes me laugh! I'm sure eventually they'll stop saying it, but it's been a month so far!

I decided to take the kids to look at Christmas lights on our way home & they were so excited at every house. This one was a favorite (we drive by it often but usually during the day). Some people really love their inflatables!

"How do dinosaurs learn to play? They romp & stomp the friendly way!" I got Jack a little pocket set of the How Do Dinosaurs... books & he loves them. I love that it's bedtime!

2 talk to me:

trina said...

very cute! i love the christmas card! gosh, hillary, it's certainly been a while since you posted. i guess the house is keeping you busy. speaking of, we would like more photos of house and kids, please and thank you!

Janelle said...

Ugh you still had to pay $1.71 and it was good. We got as low as $1.20 I filled up my van for $18 I was in heaven, but the prices are going up again.