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Monday, May 02, 2011

Happy Birthday Abby!

Abby has been such a wonderful friend to me. She has especially recently done so much for me and has been a great friend, and I wanted her to know that I really appreciate it. She always goes above & beyond for everyone. She is thoughtul & generous & kind. So for her birthday this year I wanted to do something special for her. With Kate's & Lacey's help we organized a surprise party. The "plan" as far as Abby was concerned was to go to Bullhead for dinner with friends, but most of the friends "couldn't go." But really we all waited at Kate's house (and even parked up the street around a curve in the road!) for Abby to get there so they "pick Kate up."

We had some of Abby's favorites to celebrate: Cafe Rio salad (everyone brought part of it which is awesome & totally the way to do it since it's a lot of work to make it all yourself!), mango Sprites (Sprite with mango syrup in it - sooo good!), and Cold Stone ice cream in waffle bowls for dessert!

Kate making place cards before Abby arrived.

Party decor. No this is not typical of our friend-birthday celebrations! Usually it's meeting up somewhere for lunch trying to talk over the noise of a pack of kids. Kate did a fantastic job decorating her house for the party! Even her daughter Kiera made some decorations that were so sweet!

Hanging out waiting for Abby to arrive.

Abby was totally surprised! Well mostly. Little detective Abby had thought it was strange when Lacey picked her up that Lacey's carseats were still in the truck if they were picking anybody else up & going to Bullhead. But overall she was still surprised! LOL

Happy Birthday girl!

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