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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How to Train Your Dragon

Oh wait, first you'd have to catch one. And this is what my children set out in the backyard to attract & trap a night fury after they swear they saw one fly across the yard:

(Of course this happened while I was in the shower.)

It's hard to be too upset when the naughty thing they've done is semi-amusing.

Missing children

After our company left on Saturday, Jeremiah took Callie with him to run some errands while Jackson & Ellie stayed home with me & had some lunch. I vaguely remembered hearing Jack telling Ellie to come with him & they ran down the hall, or at least I thought. I was working on sharing time for Primary and I realized after 10-15 minutes that the house was too quiet. Sometimes the kids play real quietly in their rooms, but they weren't there. The backdoor was locked so I checked my bedroom/bathroom & the garage. Still no kids. I checked the backyard anyway, in case they'd gone out & locked themselves out. Not there either. I started to kind of worry as I was going to check their rooms again. Ellie's getting pretty good at hiding so I checked on the sides of the beds you can't see from the doorway. I finally got to Jack's room & had checked the side of his bed when I noticed the lump under his bedding. I was sure it was just his sham &/or blanket under his comforter, but I patted it just to be sure. And that's where I found Jackson & Ellie, sound asleep!

(the lumps weren't defined when I first looked. I took the picture after I'd discovered them & covered them back up!)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Visit from Condie Co

It was so fun to have
Condie Co at our house for a couple of nights last week! It had been probably a record length of time since Wendy & I had seen each others kids (since July I think!). After a day at the Grand Canyon, Wendy & co got to our house around dinnertime. We couldn't get everyone at the table so we brought in the kids' table & thought the older 5 could sit there. Emily found a seat before the older kids & was not about to give it up. When Ellie came on the scene there was no way in heck we were talking her out of leaving the party! I think more goofing around was done than actual eating!

On Friday Mike went to check out Jer's operation (as in the business) & then we met the boys for lunch. Thank goodness we got the party room at Pizza Hut! I would have felt terrible otherwise for all the other people wanting a normal Pizza Hut volume lunch! Jeremiah & Mike went 4-wheeling after lunch & Wendy & I took the kids to the park. That night we got a couple of babysitters & did my favorite date night: dinner & a movie! When we got home the kids were asleep in all sorts of places, and here were Ellie & Emily (they're just a couple weeks apart in age).

The little girls really got along fine for the most part, but they weren't too happy with each other over breakfast Saturday morning! Notice the matching pj's? Wendy had left out Emily's pair for the babysitters (not even knowing we had the same ones) but when we got home Emily was in a pink sleeper & Ellie was in her own set of the pjs. Wendy & I have always done pics of the girls together in matching shirts so it was totally a fluke that we were able to this time with the matching pjs! :)

It was hilarious watching the kids on the jeep. From the time they got to our house on Thursday evening until the time they left, we could look out the window at any moment & there would be multiple kids trying to get a ride on the jeep.

Hopefully it won't be such a long time between visits with the kids again. My kids are always asking about the next time they'll see the Condie kids. They loved spending time with our friends!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a nice Easter weekend. My sisters Tara & Kayleigh both came down for the weekend. Kayleigh hadn't dyed Easter eggs in years so she was totally excited to do it with the kids. Although Callie had told me a few days before that she didn't want to dye eggs this year. Her reason was that if we dyed eggs then the EB would hide them & she didn't want him to hide real eggs, she wanted him to hide candy-filled eggs. So if we just didn't dye any at all then the only choice he'd have would be to hide candy-filled eggs. She's a smartie! I told her we could leave the dyed eggs in the fridge so the Easter bunny wouldn't even realize that we had any. Problem solved!

Callie was really really hoping they'd get bubble tape in their baskets but Jeremiah wrote the EB a note after last year asking him to please not bring any more bubble tape for the kids. Sorry Callie! Instead they got to hunt for eggs filled with jelly beans, individually wrapped disgusting, plastic-tasting rainbow twizzlers, Reese's pb eggs, and fruit snacks. The EB was kind enough to put stickers on the eggs so each kid could hunt for their own eggs & the older two wouldn't end up with everything. Except for the jelly beans, the other eggs had only one piece of candy (or pkg of fruit snacks) in them. And since half the eggs were fruit snacks, I didn't mind if they ate everything that day. And they did! Starting with their chocolate bunnies.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

dirty little secret

I'm a slob. Jeremiah's a slob too, but he grew up in a very tidy home. I wonder if he'd have had second thoughts when we were dating if he'd known then that I'd only clean our master bath toilet after it looked like a gas station toilet. Don't worry visitors, I try to keep the other bathrooms presentable! Bathrooms are just not my thing. Housekeeping is just not my thing. I think if I'd sent a pic of our bathroom yesterday to Jeremiah's mom & sister 9 years ago, they would have told him to run! If my b-i-l's wives had been sent the same pic, they may have changed their mind about joining the family. I had decided my slothen ways were just due to laziness. But I don't know that that's really the case. I do plenty of other things without laze. I think it's just that I don't want to, which to me is different than simply being lazy. That & my twisted thinking. Take my time issues for example. I've been "on time" for something just a handful of times in my life. I think that if I get somewhere 5 minutes before the start time that I'm early. Normal people would consider that on time. I've actually had the thought before that if I got somewhere a couple minutes before the appt, what would I do for that couple of minutes? I'd be bored! So instead of being a calm, normal, timely person my whole life is rushing from one place, taking my time, and rushing to the next! I create chaos for myself & my family. Back to cleaning - same distorted mentality. If my kitchen is almost completely clean it's good enough for me. I have to REALLY force myself to spend 5 more minutes getting it totally spotless - taking care of those few things on the counter that I just don't want to & that's why they've been sitting there for a couple of days anyway. So there you have it - TWO dirty secrets about me (and I thought I was just going to be writing about one). Pray for my children! LOL