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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a nice Easter weekend. My sisters Tara & Kayleigh both came down for the weekend. Kayleigh hadn't dyed Easter eggs in years so she was totally excited to do it with the kids. Although Callie had told me a few days before that she didn't want to dye eggs this year. Her reason was that if we dyed eggs then the EB would hide them & she didn't want him to hide real eggs, she wanted him to hide candy-filled eggs. So if we just didn't dye any at all then the only choice he'd have would be to hide candy-filled eggs. She's a smartie! I told her we could leave the dyed eggs in the fridge so the Easter bunny wouldn't even realize that we had any. Problem solved!

Callie was really really hoping they'd get bubble tape in their baskets but Jeremiah wrote the EB a note after last year asking him to please not bring any more bubble tape for the kids. Sorry Callie! Instead they got to hunt for eggs filled with jelly beans, individually wrapped disgusting, plastic-tasting rainbow twizzlers, Reese's pb eggs, and fruit snacks. The EB was kind enough to put stickers on the eggs so each kid could hunt for their own eggs & the older two wouldn't end up with everything. Except for the jelly beans, the other eggs had only one piece of candy (or pkg of fruit snacks) in them. And since half the eggs were fruit snacks, I didn't mind if they ate everything that day. And they did! Starting with their chocolate bunnies.

2 talk to me:

Richelle said...

Haha, Callie is so smart to not want to dye eggs for the sake of getting candy filled plastic ones. I love that.

Kayleigh said...

I love how far Callie's underoos are hanging out in that first block of pics... Top right corner :)