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Monday, April 12, 2010

Visit from Condie Co

It was so fun to have
Condie Co at our house for a couple of nights last week! It had been probably a record length of time since Wendy & I had seen each others kids (since July I think!). After a day at the Grand Canyon, Wendy & co got to our house around dinnertime. We couldn't get everyone at the table so we brought in the kids' table & thought the older 5 could sit there. Emily found a seat before the older kids & was not about to give it up. When Ellie came on the scene there was no way in heck we were talking her out of leaving the party! I think more goofing around was done than actual eating!

On Friday Mike went to check out Jer's operation (as in the business) & then we met the boys for lunch. Thank goodness we got the party room at Pizza Hut! I would have felt terrible otherwise for all the other people wanting a normal Pizza Hut volume lunch! Jeremiah & Mike went 4-wheeling after lunch & Wendy & I took the kids to the park. That night we got a couple of babysitters & did my favorite date night: dinner & a movie! When we got home the kids were asleep in all sorts of places, and here were Ellie & Emily (they're just a couple weeks apart in age).

The little girls really got along fine for the most part, but they weren't too happy with each other over breakfast Saturday morning! Notice the matching pj's? Wendy had left out Emily's pair for the babysitters (not even knowing we had the same ones) but when we got home Emily was in a pink sleeper & Ellie was in her own set of the pjs. Wendy & I have always done pics of the girls together in matching shirts so it was totally a fluke that we were able to this time with the matching pjs! :)

It was hilarious watching the kids on the jeep. From the time they got to our house on Thursday evening until the time they left, we could look out the window at any moment & there would be multiple kids trying to get a ride on the jeep.

Hopefully it won't be such a long time between visits with the kids again. My kids are always asking about the next time they'll see the Condie kids. They loved spending time with our friends!

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