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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Missing children

After our company left on Saturday, Jeremiah took Callie with him to run some errands while Jackson & Ellie stayed home with me & had some lunch. I vaguely remembered hearing Jack telling Ellie to come with him & they ran down the hall, or at least I thought. I was working on sharing time for Primary and I realized after 10-15 minutes that the house was too quiet. Sometimes the kids play real quietly in their rooms, but they weren't there. The backdoor was locked so I checked my bedroom/bathroom & the garage. Still no kids. I checked the backyard anyway, in case they'd gone out & locked themselves out. Not there either. I started to kind of worry as I was going to check their rooms again. Ellie's getting pretty good at hiding so I checked on the sides of the beds you can't see from the doorway. I finally got to Jack's room & had checked the side of his bed when I noticed the lump under his bedding. I was sure it was just his sham &/or blanket under his comforter, but I patted it just to be sure. And that's where I found Jackson & Ellie, sound asleep!

(the lumps weren't defined when I first looked. I took the picture after I'd discovered them & covered them back up!)

2 talk to me:

Rachael and Clay Anderson said...

That is sooo funny! I just love kids! Most of the time anyway!

Janelle said...

Oh that is too cute and absolutely amazing. Glad you got a picture of it :)