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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

2 days in a row!

So guess what I've done a couple times lately? That sounds funny, huh? Anyway, I've canned! For the first time! I'm stoked! We have a peach tree out front that produces TONS of peaches! Last year we hadn't watered it at all so the peaches were super bitter, so this year we put a timed hose out to it. I gave some peaches away because I was overwhelmed with the amount, considering I had no idea how to can. And then I waited too long to do it so probably almost half of what I had left ended up in the trash. Sad! But I got 7 pints & I have peaches in the fridge that I still need to can. Plus we have lots of green peaches on the tree still, so we'll either have a 2nd batch or maybe they just won't get ripe. But I'm thinking it'll be a 2nd batch. Oh, and I canned chicken the other day too. I'm a domestic goddess! (as long as you walk through my house with a blindfold on!)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Big Day

Yes, it's a big day. Because I'm finally posting again! What can I say, I have a life you know! Not that all you posters don't, but let me just say if I were still at Deloitte I could post several times a day (unless of course it were tax season!:)) I don't even consider posting unless I have a good 45 minutes or so to sit & do nothing. And I've had many 45 minutes to do that, but I needed to catch up on Supernanny & Design Star & House Hunters & stuff like that. You know how it is.

I don't have our camera right now so I can't add any pictures, but there aren't too many things to add anyway. The more exciting stuff we've done over the past month was never documented with pictures. I suck, I know! And since most of the time I can't remember stuff I did yesterday, I'll just tell you about today. The kids & I went to Laughlin to do a little shopping & Callie & Jack did pretty dang good. I only took the single stroller since Callie thinks she's such a big girl & doesn't want to ride in it most of the time anyway (if money grew on trees I'd have a Sit N Stand, but a traditional double was more practical when I bought it since the kids are close in age & Callie wasn't ready for a SNS then). Callie really enjoys shopping & sometimes I'll hold up the same shirt in 2 colors & ask which one she likes better. So she did that to me several times today :) "Mom, which one do you like better? This one or this one?" or "Mom, which one should we buy? This one or this one?" And most of the time when I tell her which one I like better she chooses the opposite. She didn't really want my opinion - she was just looking for validation. Omigosh! She's a complete mini-me! I totally spoiled them today. Callie really wanted this little pack of bracelets (they were super cute) so I got them for her. And she also loved this fluffly little stuffed pooch named Foofie (who has a hot pink bow in her hair) so we got her too. Along with a soft little puppy dog for Jack. They're sleeping with Foofie & Puppy tonight! And for the record, I don't always spoil my children & I don't always buy them toys or treats every time we go out.

I knew Jack was going to be hard to put to bed tonight since he's been on a roll for the past 5 days or so. The first night (5 or so nights ago!) he went to bed fine but woke up a few hours later freaking out! Just hysterical! I named every body part asking if each one hurt & got no's but finally got a yes when I asked if he was scared. So I got up with him & turned on Dora, which nearly always fixes every problem! About an hour later I was able to put him to bed & he was fine. Then the next night, same thing, but no Dora. Then the next night he woke up again, but I figured he was probably milking the system so I let him cry it out. Occassionally he's woken up in the middle of the night crying, but we don't get him right away & he usually goes back to sleep in a couple of minutes. That night it was like 20 but I was dog tired & fell asleep after like 5 minutes of it (Jeremiah told me it was 20). Last night was the worst! Putting him to bed was awful! He got out of bed several times & cried, no screamed, for 40 minutes! So tonight after 20 minutes of putting him back in his bed & hearing him scream, I put Callie in my bed & sat down to talk to him & play 20 questions again (do your ears hurt, does your mouth hurt...). Finally I asked if he was hurt or scared or sad. He said scared. I said what are you scared of. He quietly said monsters. MONSTERS?! If he's seriously scared of monsters & that's what's been eating him up for the past several nights then he must be terrified! No wonder he's started having a hard time going down for naps too! I had a talk with him & he agreed to lay down after I said I'd sit next to him & watch him to make sure he was safe. I think it really is monsters he's been afraid of & I feel bad. Poor guy! I mean, all these nights he's seriously been EXHAUSTED tired, yet he wouldn't go to sleep. Even tonight he kept trying to keep his eyes open for like 10 minutes after I sat down next to him! Hopefully he won't wake up tonight but at least if he does I'll have an idea of what to do! If you want excitement in your life, just add kids!