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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

2 days in a row!

So guess what I've done a couple times lately? That sounds funny, huh? Anyway, I've canned! For the first time! I'm stoked! We have a peach tree out front that produces TONS of peaches! Last year we hadn't watered it at all so the peaches were super bitter, so this year we put a timed hose out to it. I gave some peaches away because I was overwhelmed with the amount, considering I had no idea how to can. And then I waited too long to do it so probably almost half of what I had left ended up in the trash. Sad! But I got 7 pints & I have peaches in the fridge that I still need to can. Plus we have lots of green peaches on the tree still, so we'll either have a 2nd batch or maybe they just won't get ripe. But I'm thinking it'll be a 2nd batch. Oh, and I canned chicken the other day too. I'm a domestic goddess! (as long as you walk through my house with a blindfold on!)

3 talk to me:

The Mikkelsen Family said...

I am so jeleous! The peaches here all got ruined from a freeze so I don't think I will can much this year. I only have 1 jar left and it makes me sad! Also- how did you can your chicken? And how do you use it once it is canned? I have never done that.

hillary said...

That's totally a bummer about your peaches!

I cooked my chicken all the way first & shredded it, then processed it in a pressure canner. I'll use it in soups & casseroles.

Dansie Family said...

good job canning! i wanted to can my peppers, but haven't gotten around it to it yet. i did can one batch of tomatoes. i am jealous of your peaches. we have two little trees. one produced a handful of peaches and the other has tons, but they are small and hard. i don't know if they will ripen, its getting kind of late. but i still have a tiny bit of hope.

i am waiting for chicken to go on sale so i can can it too. we had a rs lesson on it. they told us just to put it in raw with a bit of salt and pressure can it.