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Monday, September 03, 2007

Jack's Haircut

It's taken me so long to post these pics that it's about time for another haircut! I was particularly excited about this haircut though because I had just bought new Wahl clippers! Previously I cut Jack's hair with $16 clippers from WalMart & he cried every time because he said it hurt. A few people told me it was because I needed to buy some better clippers because cheap ones pull hair, so I did. So he still cried after a while, but I asked if it hurt & he said no - he just wanted to get down. I'm sure things would be better if it didn't take me like 45 minutes! Although he never did make it through his bag of hairy jelly bellies. Well, practice will make perfect, right? I do have to say, I could tell a difference in the clippers. This haircut was his best yet!



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shannon said...

love the cheeser! he's such a darling boy...collin needs a haircut so bad, he's got major shag right now!