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Monday, September 03, 2007

Catch of the Day

2 Mondays ago Jeremiah went to CA for 3 days to go deep sea fishing (in Mexico?). He went with his brother Jason & good buddy Mark. Unfortunately they all got really sea-sick on their 2 days out at sea. I'm not sure if all their big fish made up for it! They agreed 2 days is too long & they'll never go out that long again (they've always done 1 day in the past). They got yellowfin & albacore tuna, & yellowtail (some other type of fish).

Mark & Jeremiah

Mark & Jason

We had a little fish fry with some friends & my parents & the albacore was hands down the best in my opinion. The yellowfin tuna was the most fishy & the yellowtail was a little fishy. The albacore was seriously awesome! I wanted to can some albacore since we weren't going to eat it all but when I went to WalMart to get the littlest jars they were out. Why is it that WalMart is constantly letting me down? If we were in a relationship I'd break up! But they continue to have the best prices in town on most of the things I buy so alas, I keep going back for more. It's unhealthy, I know. So I don't know if I waited too long to freeze the fish or not. When WalMart ever gets my jars back in we'll find out.

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shannon said...

those are HUGE! i am so impressed! yeah, i have that kind of relationship with walmart also. i went yesterday to get some strawberries and they were out. fresh and frozen. all those darn UVSC and BYU students have cleaned out walmart, harmons, maceys, albertsons, etc. i am going to have to start shopping in springville or something!