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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Callie-isms (from the recent 3 year old!)

I was trying to get Callie to talk her aunt Chelsea into coming down for the weekend with Kayleigh & Tara and when I could tell that Callie wasn't gonna convince her I picked up the phone and asked her why she was being such a pain in the butt. A few minutes later as Callie was talking to her again (this time without my coaching) Callie says, "Why are you being such a pain in the butt Chelsea?" She said it kind of softly so I wondered if Chelsea was meaning for Callie to say that to me. When I got the phone back Chelsea thought I'd told Callie to say it because Chelsea was just saying to Callie that she loved her & she'd talk to her later! Haha!

Also a little bit later Jack threw a bunch of play-doh on the floor so I told him to get down & pick it up before I spanked his bum. Callie repeated something about spanking & I realized I shouldn't even say that since I seriously rarely spank (it's time out for us)! So anyway, I said that to Callie and when she said something about being spanked I asked her when the last time I spanked her was. Her reply? "6:28."

This morning we were at my mom's house and Jackson was trying to get into a bag of chocolate. He'd been told not to a couple times already so Callie thought maybe if she told him no he'd listen a little better? She said, "Jackson, no! You're pissing Grandma off!"

5 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

LOL. you have created a monster.

what's even funnier, is that last night I dreamt something about your blog having a ton of new things on it. And this morning, it did. I'm psychic.

shannon said...

she's so darn hilarious...i love this age, collin's starting with his own "isims" but i think callie will always be the queen of them!

Janelle said...

You are gonna have a fun time when she is a teenager aren't you? They sure do listen well when you don't want them to don't they.

Dansie Family said...

funny girl! Porter's favorite phrase is "what in the heck" when he gets frustrated. i guess i say it when i am mad at a mess they made.

Callie said...

that is so funny! Kailey does the same thing with clothes, i wonder if its a girl thing? one time we were in the car and jordan was crying and i handed her one of kaielys toys she tells me "mom, either you take the toy away from jordan and i wont get mad. or you let her play with the toy and i will get mad." those words almost exact.. so funny! thats my nice reasoning i do with her. mad or not mad! funny how they pick it up