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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This & That

We have had lots going on the last few weeks. Jeremiah went to Oregon to hunt with his dad for TEN days! It was a really nice break for him to be away from work for that long, but we both agreed that it was too long to do again for the family. Callie & Jack were so sad, asking for their daddy constantly. How in the world do you do it Liz?!

The first weekend Jer was gone, we were at my mom's house & Callie reached up & grabbed a hot pan on the stove. This picture seriously doesn't even show how bad it was! And once those blisters started to pop, she was miserable! Her hand is still not all the way better, but it's not hurting her anymore & hopefully she won't grab a hot pan or anything else on the stove again!

Story time at the library started up again for the fall/winter, and at the first session they had a real live kangaroo! It was so cool! It was a little joey and all the kids in story time got to pet her. Of course most moms don't have their cameras at story time so it was funny to see so many people at once whip out their camera phones. I didn't since I knew the quality wouldn't be that good anyway. So no picture for ya!

Callie started dance classes! She's SO cute! There's a girl in our stake who's like 16 or something, but she's home-schooled & has taken dance for years, so she does dance classes for several different age groups during the week. Callie's in the youngest class. The dance classes are just in their garage on a huge piece of vinyl she unrolls but it's only $5/class (an hour long & she wants the parents to drop the girls off!) Callie was so excited to get to wear her leotard & skirt for the first time. I wasn't able to get any good pictures of her smiling for me, but she sure looks cute in her dance outfit. So she's been to her dance class twice now & each time she's spent the rest of the day dancing around. Even today she was doing some spins & stuff & talking about her dance class. It's so cute!

Our county fair was this past weekend so we took the kids on Thursday night. Because Jeremiah & I had talked a little about it, Callie was super excited to eat fair food! :) We spent like $45 on the fair & I can't believe how little we did! They each got to jump in a jump house, they petted animals in a petting zoo (free!), and they went on the carousel. And some of the fair food wasn't that great. The lemonade from the fresh lemonade stand was great though, and our bbq wasn't bad.

We also went to Utah this past weekend to listen to my sister Kayleigh give a farewell talk in Sacrament Mtg. She's leaving in a few weeks to serve a mission to the Philippines! It was such a quick trip! Sorry to everyone for not visiting, but as Jeremiah put it, it was a wham-bam-thank-you-m'am trip!!! We got there Friday night and left on Sunday night & it really was a family weekend. The thing that totally sucks is that we have to get in the car again this Friday! This drive will at least be much closer (4 hours instead of 7)! Jackson is just not a good traveller right now so we dread long car rides! Funny thing is that even after being in his carseat for so long he cried when we got home because he wanted to stay in his seat & watch a movie, even though about a minute before we pulled up he was screaming to get out. Funny kid. And he really is funny. He's really started talking a lot lately. Well, he was already talking a lot, but now he's making sentences. But one of the funniest things he does is randomly yell, "I promise!" Occassionally when he says it it could make sense, but not usually. Like one of the times yesterday when he did it he was just putting a puzzle together. I've tried to tell him basically what it means & to quit saying it all the time, but he does it anyway. "I promise, mom!" It's pretty funny when you hear it - I promise!

Oh, on Saturday we had family pictures done so here's a couple of my favs from the shoot. You can check out some more of the samples here: Dilly Dally Art.

3 talk to me:

The Mikkelsen Family said...

those are darling pictures of your family.

Dansie Family said...

i love these pictures. they are perfect. we need to get our family portraits done, but i am waiting until james is a bit cuter (out of the newborn stage).

Janelle said...

You guys are such a cute family. I love the one of you guys walking away. As always you look so beautiful. I really like your hair. Hopefully some day you can make a longer trip to Utah, or maybe someday we will drive through Kingman. Are you going to find out what you are having, and when? Hope you are feeling well.