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Monday, November 13, 2006

Our California Adventure

We headed to CA Wednesday afternoon - early enough to get to The Men's Wearhouse in time to get Jeremiah a new suit for his brother Jason's wedding. 6 hours & $400 later we had an awesome new black pin-striped suit that would be ready to be picked up Friday evening.

On Thursday we went to Disneyland with Jeremiah's mom, sister Tabetha, & b-i-l Travis. Callie had talked about going to Disneyland and seeing Mickey Mouse on Thursday all week long! In fact on Thursday morning when she started asking about seeing Mickey Mouse we told her that we would get to see him that day & she said, "Hooray! Mickey Mouse!" for what was the first of many times that day! And sometimes she'd even add a "Hip, Hip," before the "Hooray!" She LOVED Disneyland! We'd gone in February but she didn't get it then. It's amazing what 9 months will do! She did not like Pirates - both she & Jack were very scared! But she really liked the rest of the rides we took her on. Especially Gadget's Go-Coaster! She sat with Grandma Divis who had an arm around her so Callie could only get one arm up to go down the coaster, but she kept that arm up the whole time along with a petrified look on her face! But when it was all over and we got off she got a big grin on her face & said it was fun & that she wanted to do it again! Jack was a very good little guy all day, as usual!

On Friday Jack & I got to do some shopping (Jack definitely didn't enjoy it as much as I did!), & Callie went with Jeremiah & his m&d to visit his brothers at work & to the beach.

Saturday was wedding day. The Newport Beach Temple is beautiful! I'm so excited that Jason & Richelle finally got married! I'm excited to have Richelle for a sister-in-law. She's awesome! We took so many pictures waiting for Jason & Richelle to make their big entrance out of the temple that I finally handed the camera to Jeremiah to carry & neither of us remembered to get it back out to take any pictures of the bride & groom! How lame are we?! :) So hopefully someone in our family will email us some good pictures. Jas & Richelle both looked so happy & great! Their reception that evening was amazing! Richelle did a really great job with the wedding!

3 talk to me:

C+R said...

Cute little mickey ears. I made everyone at the office come and look how cute my niece and nephew were in their pictures from Disneyland and the wedding.

Callie's dress is so darling! Where did you find it?

hillary said...

My favorite! Gymboree!

Oh, those ears are the ones you brought me when you went to Disneyland in HS! :D

shannon said...

So cute! I love the pictures of the kids, and you two look great also! We'll have to do a Disneyland reunion next summer with you guys! I am sure Collin and Callie would have so much fun together.