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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the past week (3/18-3/25)

Jeremiah had surgery 2 weeks ago so we moved the recliner into our bedroom so that he could recooperate in style. I had gone shopping for him pre-surgery & got him lots of snacks & treats for all the time he'd be spending in the chair & I set them up next to him on an overturned laundry basket. He was really bad about taking care of his trash. (I know you're thinking that I should have been doing that because the poor guy's hardly mobile, but no - he ignored the dr.'s orders & went back to work 4 days post-surgery but wanted to keep the chair in the room a little longer because he was enjoying the fact that he could go in there & close the door to play video games or watch shows the kids can't while they're still awake. Anyway, he was moving around just fine & could have taken care of his wrappers after the first few days.) So days after he'd quit using the chair full-time he'd left all of his candy & everything out. Ellie got into it while I was in the shower. She would bite the mini eggs in half & drool on it in pieces. Then she wiped her hands all over her pajamas. At least she's trying to clean her hands, right? She's obsessed with drinking water & was hoping there was some in the glass (next picture). Jeremiah didn't get it that dirty, promise!

Oh, & this is Ellie's new favorite way to eat. She's so like her brother! He still occassionally enjoys "eating like a puppy." To reinforce my point about her eating style, we gave her some chocolate chips while we were making cookies & she purposely put them on the floor so she could get on her tummy & eat them off the ground. She likes to put her binky on the floor & pick it up with her mouth too! I must have mixed drugs or something when I was pregnant with Jack & Ellie. They're 2 of a kind!

I love matching outfits!

I picked Callie up from her friend's birthday party Saturday afternoon & was greeted by this lovely face! And boy was she proud that she'd done it herself! :) Awesome! No, what was more awesome was that it wouldn't come off the next morning before church with a diaper wipe. I actually had to pull out the makeup remover (lucky I even had any).

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Janelle said...

Your puppy is definitely cuter than mine is:) I absolutely love that picture of your 2 bright blue eyed girls looking at you. Such cute girls! Glad to hear that Jeremy, poor thing :) isn't confined to the chair anymore :)