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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Ellie!

I sure love this little girl & I can't believe it's been a year since she joined our family! Well, I guess when I think of all the sleep I haven't gotten it might seem like a year. :) Here are some of the ways she compares to her older siblings when they were her age.

  • she has a definite (and great) pesonality
  • she is generally very happy
  • beautiful eyes that people can't help but comment on
  • she has the Divis-pitch screech/squeal (seriously high)
  • she loves her binky
  • she loves to play & sing
  • car trips don't agree with her
  • loves throwing food over the side of her tray
  • adored by her family
  • she is a total tantrum thrower! (she actually throws herself on the floor & kicks her legs!)
  • she doesn't sleep through the night
  • not a great napper
  • she's a little chub compared to the other 2!
  • doesn't like milk(cow)/bottles (unless they belong to a friend)
  • prefers grown-up food
We just adore our little sweetheart!

We helped her open this sweet mini apron from her great Grandma Divis this morning. How cute is a baby in an apron?!

We're going to grill & do cake/ice cream on Sunday w/my parents & some of my siblings so we did cupcakes & pizza tonight (Ellie loves pizza!). Thanks to Kate for some of the great pics from tonight. The Porters stopped by so the men could talk dunes so we invited them to stay & eat our gross pizza with us. At least the cupcakes were yummy!

Happy first birthday little darling!

4 talk to me:

Miss-tearious said...

Oh my gosh Hillary, that picture of Callie licking cake off of Ellie is so adorable I don't even know how to describe it!! :)

Chelsea said...

i agree with kay - the cupcake seems to be finger-licking good. Although, you might try teaching callie to lick her own fingers, not others.

Richelle said...

so stinkin cute! i love that little girl. happy birthday ellie! (ps. those cupcakes look so good, now i want to make some)

Janelle said...

I can't believe she is a year. It flies even faster when they aren't your own. So did Callie not throw tantrums. Camille was more of a tantrum thrower than Maddie, but Maddie can still hold her own. Anyway happy birthday Ellie!