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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Apparently a little leprechaun magicked itself into my home last night & hid clues & some gold & coloring pages for me lucky wee children! They had seriously the best time trying to find their clues! I think they enjoyed the clue-finding part more than the gold-finding part because Callie is a loud & excitable girl & I fully expected a squeal of delight when they found the gold but instead Callie just picked up her little bag of gold & proudly brought it over & smiled. I told the kids it's their lucky day because we've never had a leprechaun come to our house before & it doesn't usually happen. I guess the leprechaun was just in a good mood! :) Callie's making sure she wears green to school today so she doesn't have to get a pinch!

1 talk to me:

Janelle said...

You are too fun. I wanted to do something fun, but didn't really remember until too late so all we had was green jello.