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Thursday, March 26, 2009

stupid bookcases

I bought a couple of these bookcases from Target in like December & January and had planned on buying 1 or 2 more for my front room. They were $99 each & I think for the money it's a great bookcase. I'm always amazed at how expensive furniture is so for $99 I love these bookcases! Funny {not really} thing is that just last week I was talking to Wendy & she asked if I'd gotten my other bookcases yet & I said I hadn't because I've been putting my money into other house/decorating stuff & was waiting (and when I say waiting I mean that I can't really afford them right now). She suggested I buy them anyway because how terrible would it be if they were discontinued since she'd had that problem a few months prior when she'd finally decided to buy a piece of furniture she'd been thinking about. I said I was sure that wouldn't happen before I bought the last bookcase or 2 since it wasn't that long ago that I'd bought the first ones. Not that a week sooner probably would have made a difference, and why I checked online the day I did I don't know, but my bookcases are DISCONTINUED! I canNOT believe it! I have spent hours on the phone calling Target after Target after Target, each one sending me to another one who shows the bookcases in their inventory only to be let down again. I finally found some in Oregon near the Portland Temple where Jeremiah's parents could possibly get them for me, but I don't know if that will actually pan out. How will I get them here to AZ even if they do get them in OR for me? We never see his parents & who knows when we will again & even if we do in the next several months I don't know if it will be by car or plane. I've also been checking the stock on the same bookcases in the 3-shelf style because even if I had to have different heights at least they'd be the same bookcases, but of course those have been next to impossible to find as well. Fortunately my amazing sister Tara is going to her company's Bountiful, UT office tomorrow for a few hours & is willing to pick up the ones I've located there (yeah, there are seriously none any closer!). And Tara just told me she's coming to town this weekend! But I'd still for sure rather have the 5-shelf. This sucks! Oh, and Jeremiah said to me when I was telling him my frustrations, "They don't have to match!" What?! YES THEY DO! It would be one thing if we were making due with hand-me-downs but we're not! Why would I buy NEW, mismatching bookcases?! How is it that {most} men just don't get this kind of stuff? "They don't have to match." Whatever Jeremiah!

4 talk to me:

trina said...

lol!!! leave it to a man to say something like that!!

charonfamily said...

Hey... we have one you can have! It's just one, but when we move out of where we are we will probably get rid of it..... just a thought. Let me know

Westbrook Family said...

Ya we are pretty excited about the grass lol its seems like a small thing to get excited about but when you have little ones as you know it's super exciting! I hope you had fun in Utah as always! See you at girls night.

The Mikkelsen Family said...

I have those same book cases in a lighter color. I wanted to buy more...what am I going to do?