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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Little Happy Spot

I'm so glad Ellie's not as crazy as the other 2 yet! Because it's impossible to be angry with a baby, today she was my favorite!

(she'd just finished eating a Kiss that I don't even know how she got or from where)

Oh, & here's my favorite from tonight:
After being sick for the past couple days & feeling like junk & taking care of the kids & doing bedtime by myself because Jeremiah’s been working late, I’d had it with the kids. I was saying our family prayer & as I said, “Please bless Callie & Jack to be more obedient so they don’t make their mom so sad” I started to cry a little (Pathetic! I know!). As soon as I said “amen” a moment later they both started crying & asked why I was crying. I turned the question around. Callie said, “Is it because it was such a wonderful prayer?” I stopped crying then because I started laughing. Thank goodness for bedtime!

3 talk to me:

Janelle said...

I hate putting kids to bed by myself. I think that I have pulled the pretending to cry trick on the girls before too. I just love Callie's comment. I love it when my kids make me laugh, that is the best feeling.

Lacey said...

Oh my heck, Hillary, I just found your blog and I am cracking up at some of the things your kids say! I love their quotes.

P.S. I absolutely adore having Callie in my class. She's such a dollface!

jamie said...

I hear ya on that, it is kinda pathetic but it seems like thats the only time my kids REALLY know that I have had enough :) hugs to you