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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter Sunday

Callie & Jack had asked every morning the week leading up to Easter if it was Easter & if the Easter Bunny had come. Callie was up bright & early Easter morning hunting for baskets (a tradition Jeremiah brought to our family). She'd found Jack's & Ellie's baskets & had gone through both of them. Although she'd replaced the contents, there was definitely evidence of tampering! She'd already taken the wrappers off all the bubble tape (a much requested item) so she could see what color the gum on the inside was! We had to have her re-hide Jack's & Ellie's baskets & suggested places for her to look for her own. They had fun hunting for the eggs we'd colored the day before too. The EB kept the baskets simple this year. Ellie got a book, Callie got a package of rings, & Jack got a new Transformer. Callie & Jack got Silly Putty (they love it!), they all got a few cheap dollar store items, & some classic Easter candy inspired partly by The Berenstain Bears: a chocolate bunny, jelly beans, & Robin's Eggs. Oh, & the bubble tape. Which was gone in a few hours. Which is why I had no problem with it!

Jack was seriously excited to see that the EB had brought Silly Putty!

Callie had been wanting a pack of rings for months. That Easter Bunny sure knows what they like!

Robin's Egg lipstick (how do you like that Liz?)!

4 talk to me:

Richelle said...

i love the family picture! your hair looks really cute hillary! looks like a fun easter. ellie is getting so big! time flies

Richelle said...


Janelle said...

Cute Easter bags! I love your home decor, I really need someone to help me get some vision for my house.

The Mikkelsen Family said...

love the lipstick. Adam loves to put it on...