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Monday, April 20, 2009


Easter weekend was full of farewells for our family. First to Jeremiah's brother Jonny who lived with us for the past 3 months. This was the 3rd time he'd come to live with us in between school breaks at BYU-I so that he could work for Jeremiah & earn some good money. Callie & Jack were sad to see him leave, although Callie was glad to get her room back to herself. Ellie's been in there & while I am all for children sharing rooms, I think it sucks to have a baby sharing a room. Bedtime was a real challenge because we'd have to do Ellie first & then if Callie wasn't quiet she'd wake Ellie up. And Callie & Jack are not easy-going bed-timers! So finally I was just putting Callie to bed in Jack's room on the floor in a sleeping bag & moving her into her bed once everyone was asleep. Plus naptime meant no toys or anything else from the bedroom. So it's a relief for me. And Jonny was so awesome & moved Ellie's crib back into her room while I was out grocery shopping before he left. I was so surprised & grateful! Here's Jonny with the kids as he was leaving:

Secondly my brothers left Monday morning to go to Provo so they could check into the MTC (Missionary Training Center) on Wednesday. It wasn't sad saying goodbye to Jonny for several reasons. Not that I don't love Jonny, but I'll see him in a few months probably, we can talk to him anytime, and if you've ever had an extended house guest you know it's nice to have your house back to yourself. But my brothers will be gone for 2 years & the only contact I'll have with them will be through weekly general emails. It's crazy to think that when they get back Ellie won't know them except through pictures. And most likely we'll have another baby too! My sister Chelsea moved to KS and although I probably won't see her very often, it's nice to know that I can talk to her anytime & there's always the option (if money allows) to get in a plane & visit each other. But even though it's a little sad, I'm extremely happy & proud of them for serving missions. It's what Heavenly Father wants them to be doing.

6 talk to me:

Janelle said...

It is hard saying bye to missionaries. I guess it just makes those mother's day calls all that more special. I was on my mission while my brother was and that was fun talking on 3 way from Spain to my parents in Tucson with my brother in CA. At least you know 2 years passes too quickly.

Jacki said...

Where are your brothers going on their missions?

Rupp Family said...

Wow! Its crazy their gone. But just think, in 2 years you will be way excited to see them!!!!

Richelle said...

that's exciting that they are going on missions! where have they been called too? by they way, i love your curly hair in the last picture. super cute.

shannon said...

so awesome...congrats to both of your brothers! i bet your mom is going to be lonely!!!

Rachael and Clay Anderson said...

It's probably not updating because our blog is set to private. At least that's the way it works on mine for the blogs that are private on my list. Kind of annoying, I know.