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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Spider-Man bike

Jeremiah decided Jack's birthday was just too far away to wait for a bike so we let Jack pick one out while Callie was at school last Thursday. There were some cool choices but Jack was set on Spider-Man. He was SO excited to get home & start riding but had to wait for me to put it together. And can I just say, that manual was ridiculous! I'm sure I could have put it together without the manual, but I'm one of those manual readers so I spent the better part of the assembly time just trying to figure out the manual. As it turns out it's not even for the same bike! And it talked about stuff like torque & psi. Who do they think is putting the bike together? A mechanic? Anyway, I'd set out the tools but had to take care of Ellie for a minute & this is what I came back to. Seriously, this is not posed! How cute is this?!!

Here is one proud owner of a new Spider-Man bike!

2 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

That's such a cute picture of them. I'm amazed they put them in the right places! smart kids you have there :)

Janelle said...

So cute that the kids were figuring it out on their own. I hate to read manuals also they are never written so "normal" people like me can understand. Glad he loves his bike.