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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

loving/hating aerobics

Last night I went to the first of 8 aerobics classes at the rec center. My friend Rachel wanted me to sign up with her and as much as I hated it I'm glad I did. Rachel & I walked in just before class was going to start & one look at our instructor, JJ, and I knew I was in trouble! He's this big black ripped man and during the class we found out he's 54! He could run circles around me! I kept my body moving nonstop for 45 minutes and that was followed by squats, crunches, weights, THE WHEEL!, push-ups, etc.! It totally sucked & if I didn't have Rachel to go with I'd have a very hard time (harder than it'll be anyway) going back on Thursday, but I was really proud of myself for being able to keep going the entire time. I love that I could do that! When I was going to the gym w/Ashley I'd walk/run on the treadmill most of the time & I'm SO not a runner & on my very best day ever I ran for 10 minutes (I know, you can laugh). But going to this aerobics class (which was supposed to be light and was anything but) kind of made me think if I went running with Ashley (not next to her on the treadmill) I think I could keep up. I really think I could do it! So I'm glad I went to the aerobics class. Now if I could just give up sugar or at least cut back! Maybe between my regular morning workout & these added aerobics classes I'll be able to burn off a few pounds this month.

6 talk to me:

Dansie Family said...

your sides are going to be sore tomorrow from the wheels. way to go and keep it up.

Jamiecrafts said...

I know what you mean, i recently (in the past week) started running in the morning, i dont go far but its more excercise i have had since last summer so i pat myself on the back for at least doing "something" :) keep up the good work!

trina said...

awesome!! i love getting my butt kicked! it feels so good. i'm glad you have a buddy to go with, it totally makes a difference. i have a sugar problem too. i just like it way too much!!!

Janelle said...

A man aerobics instructor, that seems kind of intimidating to me. I'm proud of you for doing aerobics and working out in the mornings. I am sure it will pay off.

Richelle said...

i'm proud of you hil! i hope today's class is even better!

Morgan said...

Very exciting!! I love aerobics but am not a runner either! Do you go to the Wellness Center? We will have to go. I would walk/run next to you on the treadmill....I would make you feel real good about yourself!!! Trust me!