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Friday, July 10, 2009

what we've been up to

Yes, I had fallen off the face of the planet, but now I'm back. Until next time.

Here's what's been going on in my happy little world:
{A couple more posts will not be too far off. Probably.}

A new pantry in our garage with the help of our all-time favorite handy-man Tim.

A self-portrait w/my new hair color.

A pants-off dance-off!

A little breakfast celebration!

A fancy [nancy] party for a fancy girl!

A night out with my sista (Tara). Awesome!!

A relaxing {4th of July} afternoon in the Hualapais.

A typical thrilling summer day at the Divis house!

5 talk to me:

trina said...

cute! ellie's hair is so pretty and blonde! i hope you guys are going up to colville, i can't wait to see you!

Molly Riggs said...

looks like you've been busy. I love your hair and your kids are cute as always!

Jamiecrafts said...

good to see you back! looks like about the same summer we are having :)

Janelle said...

Ohh I want to see Wicked really bad. Glad that things are going well for you guys. I bet it will be nice having that food storage in the garage, it will give you more room in the kitchen!

Dansie Family said...

i love the fancy nancy party. our ward picked that story for girls camp. we tried to be fancy but there is only so much you can do at camp.