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Monday, July 20, 2009

Ellie's Pinkalicious room!

Well I'm to the point in Ellie's & Callie's rooms that they're about as good as they're gonna get. I might eventally add a vinyl phrase above the closets, but any more than that would be overkill. So here's Ellie's room. I'll have to remember to take pictures of Callie's room sometime. Jack's room is pretty much done too, although we still haven't added closet doors to his closet! It's on Jeremiah's very long honey-do list! :)

In the middle bottom picture Ellie has a binky in her mouth. Every time I change her & she doesn't have a binky she gets upset & tries to grab the one in the picture! I think I'll have to change the picture when we take the binky away!

This banner is from Byrdie Graphics' Etsy Shop - I LOVE it!

Each of the kids has {and LOVES} a Classic Pooh animal. Ellie loves her Piglet from Aunt Tara!

Jack has an obsession with this flower mobile & it makes me SO mad! He batted it down with a stick one day & there were flowers all over the room! I was really upset but I had a calm talk with him about it & explained why he couldn't do it. He also had a long time out. 2 days later he did it again! I was furious! He had to sit in time out for a bit while I fixed it & I told him no tv/computer for 5 days. Yes, he's only 3! They don't even use the computer every day & some days no tv, some days 1-2 hours. But I figured that would be a more painful punishment since he's not too attached to any one particular toy. He hated not being able to watch tv for so long or play on the computer if Callie had a turn. The day after he was ungrounded he pulled the mobile apart again! I gave him 2 more days of no tv/computer & he said, "well that's not so many." I added one & he said it still wasn't so many. After I added another one he quit. So after another 4 days of being grounded he did it AGAIN! He spent a long time in time out that time while I fixed it yet again & glued the strings on the wires & when Jeremiah got home & I told him about it Jack got a spanking. Let me just say that we rarely spank our children. I just don't think it's usually the answer. For me anyway. Some people might think we're terrible for ever spanking at all & some people might spank a lot, but anyway, since we rarely spank I think it did the trick for Jack - he hasn't touched it again. It's been a week so hopefully he's over it!

3 talk to me:

trina said...

cuuuute room!! how fun!

Rachael and Clay Anderson said...

I love it!!! And Connor seems to have the same problem sometimes. Oh, Boys!!

Janelle said...

I love the wall decor! I often wonder why kids will do the same crime over and over even though they know they will be punished. I guess somethings are just to irresistable.