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Sunday, August 09, 2009


We got home last Sunday night from a great visit to WA to visit Jeremiah's family. We had the best time! The thing that got us to spend 22 hours in the car each way was a big 80th birthday party for Jeremiah's Grandma McCombs! Out of the 33 grandchildren only 2 were unable to be there. In all there were 75 members of the Pete McCombs family at the party, plus several other relatives like Grandma's siblings, sibling-in-laws, nieces, etc. The party was on Friday (the 24th) and we had dinner (pulled pork sandwiches, tons of different salads, & chips), cake & had a little entertainment. My super
talented SIL Richelle sang a song for Grandma & another cousin(s?)(was this a solo piece Ryan?) wrote a tribute song & played the guitar while 2 of his sisters sang it. It was really good too! As a side note, the McCombs family is the kind of family who has talent shows at their reunions. Seriously! There is a LOT of talent in the family! Anyway, it was really a great party with delicious food & great company. It was wonderful catching up with our family members. I say our because Jeremiah's family is really amazing & from day one made me feel like I was one of them & I don't just think of them as "Jeremiah's family" - I love them all too! On Saturday morning all the men got up (and a few of the women) and headed to Grandma's for a work party. It was construction work & there were lots of younger children that needed tending so not everyone could do the work.

Besides the birthday party we spent our time there relaxing, quading, visiting, snacking, and playing: card games, pickle ball, & ninja. We also floated the river with almost all the family that was at the birthday party. It was quite the site to see so many of us going down the river! And of course no trip to Colville would ever be complete without a visit {or 2} to Ronnie D's where you can get the best french fries ever! We had a blast!

Our family with Grandma McCombs

At Jeremiah's Parent's house - in their yard!

Jeremiah's dad & uncle Jim helping Justin put on some drywalling stilts. Just trying them out for fun!

Our cute nieces & nephew

Check out Jack's face in these pictures! We were trying to line up the kids for a picture & Katelyn & Callie are trying to hold it all together while Jack is off in his own little world! LOL

3 cousins & some cup o' noodles!

5 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

that picture of little Ellie on the trampoline is sooo cute! She's in the perfect ballerina stance, ready to pirouette!

Dansie Family said...

fun times! porter's 1st grade teach is a mccombs. i wonder if they are related.

Richelle said...

you got some great shots of the kids and i love the picture of your fam with grandma! so much fun, i hope you guys will make the drive out there the next time we go up. it's fun to be up there with you!

Miss-tearious said...

Alright Hill, your kids are just too stinkin' cute!! Ellie so looks like a cute little ballerina on the trampoline. And the pic of her eating cake - adorable!

It's so weird, in the pics where Jack's just in his own little world he looks so much like a combination of Dad and Jeremiah.

Janelle said...

Wow 22 hour drive, how did you manage. But it looks like you had a lot of fun once you got there. How would it be to live so close to deer country, it is beautiful. Glad you had fun.