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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh Ellie!

This morning I finished up my workout & saw this in the kitchen:

I love, love, LOVE my little Ellie! She is so fun! {although quite the handful} Last week after a nap she came out of her room by herself. She's just learned how to open our doors (we have levers instead of knobs), but I wondered how she'd gotten out of her crib! Callie & Jack both denied helping her & I believed them. Pretty much. But then I wondered the next 2 days since after another nap & in the mornings she'd complain when she was up & wanted us to get her out. But then on Monday I put her down for a late morning nap & about 20 minutes later, and Jack & Callie were both in my room with me, Ellie comes walking proudly in to us! Last night she did the same trick. The kids got a kick out of it & were laughing so she was smiling & thinking pretty highly of herself but Jeremiah took her back in & sang her another song & layed her down again. Then she got up again. One more song & he hoped that was it. But she got up again. This time no song. She got up again! I think she got out of bed 20 times & was a crying angry mess! This morning I took her bumper out of the crib (which btw I thought we should do last night but Jeremiah watched her hold onto the rail, swing a leg up, hoist her butt up, swing the other leg over, then hang on & let herself down till her searching feet could find the rails to help her finish her escape! She's very strong actually! So he was conviced she would be able to do that with or without the bumper). Anyway, tonight she didn't get out of bed. Maybe it's because I took out the bumper, or maybe it's because she only got a 15 minute car nap today & was thoroughly exhausted & just didn't have enough fight in her. We'll find out in the morning! The funny thing is Callie & Jack were so opposite! Jack was more of a monkey than Callie but Ellie tops them both! I remember having to show Jack how to climb out of his crib when he was probably 2! He just hadn't cared about trying it before but I wanted him to learn so I could lie in bed a little longer! LOL
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2 talk to me:

Richelle said...

Ellie is so funny! I love that smile on her face with chocolate all over! It doesn't suprise me that she is able to get out of the crib, but hopefully the fact that you took the bumper out will last for a little while.

Janelle said...

What a stinker. That has got to be irritating, I mean she is kind of young for a toddler bed, but what can you do? I have never had a kid get out of a crib yet. You should video tape it cuz I am still intrigued by how a kid could do something like that. Good luck getting her to sleep.