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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh Ellie! - pt 2

To update the crib/sleeping sitch - it's bad. The morning after the post about it she came and climbed up on our bed at 5:42 am! So it wasn't the bumper helping her out!

I took the side off the crib so it's a toddler daybed, because my plan was that if I didn't let her leave her room she would give up & get in bed & go to sleep. Jeremiah doesn't agree with my theory. I did it for a nap a couple of days ago & it worked just like I'd thought it would.

But really every night since I made the crib a daybed I (or Jeremiah) use a Supernanny method: put her in bed & sit next to the bed & put her back in every time she gets out. The first night she was pissed & crying & a mess! The next night she sang to herself, held onto the end of the crib & swung her butt around, and played. After 10 minutes she finally got out of bed. I put her back in & she didn't cry. Instead she would dangle her legs over & get her feet near the ground & see if I was looking (which I wasn't). She got out of bed a few more times but no tears & she finally went to sleep. It's been like that almost every night for a week. We move closer & closer to the door & the plan is to eventually not stay in there & have her just stay in bed. She's a fighter. I think it will definitely take another week at least.

That's just getting her to bed though. She's been waking up during the night, probably from teething, and now that she's discovered this freedom she gets out of her bed in the middle of the night instead of falling back asleep like she normally would! She has also got up early most mornings for the past week or more. We're sick of it! Callie suggested putting a lid or something on the crib so she can't get out! :) But really we're considering buying a crib tent. Anyone used one or heard good/bad about them? This can't go on! If it's her teeth that keep waking her at least it will pass, but my children are s-l-o-w teethers so it could be a while & we need more sleep!

Oh, and because of the middle-of-the-day kindergarten schedule, her naps are becoming few & far between. She's mostly getting one or two 10-20 min car naps & that's just not enough for a 17 month old! It's not as easy (for me) to do the Supernanny method for naps because it can take a long time. The other day I had to wait for the bug spray guy to leave before I could start & then after putting her back in her bed for 20 mins (she's not as cooperative during the day) I gave up because by the time she would have fallen asleep I would have had to wake her up to pick Callie up from school. Another day it was visiting teachers over so I couldn't put her down. Another day it was another person. And then there's the little boy at home who wonders what's taking his mom so long so he pounds on the door while I'm trying to get her to go to sleep.


4 talk to me:

trina said...

wow! that's intense! i'm super nervous to move claire to a big bed. poor callie! i dont know how you did it! i would have been bawling myself! :D

Janelle said...

UGH!! That is so hard when you know they need to sleep, but they won't hold still long enough to do it. Maybe you will have to buy a straight jacket for nap time. Hope that you can find something that will work.

Wendy said...

I think it's just too easy for her to get out. I would put the side back on and buy a tent if just putting the side back on doesn't slow her down from getting out of bed too easily! Or, try a pack 'n play for awhile in her room. She needs to know who is boss! You, not her! Good Luck! Love ya!

The Mikkelsen Family said...

I have a friend who used a crib tent. She loved it and her son just got out of the crib for a big bed- he is 3 1/2!
Good luck. Emily was like that and I never really got naps after she went into a big bed