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Monday, August 10, 2009


Tara & I had such a wicked good time going to see Wicked that I got this little souvenir in the mail - a big fat fine! I'm so bummed! Why do I have such a hard time going the speed limit?

6 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

that SUCKS! You have a speeding problem, Hill. Well, at least a speeding ticket problem. Consider this an intervention. Take your foot off the gas.

Richelle said...

what a bust! that's no good. my brother-in-law just got one of those camera pictures for running a red. those are some hefty fines! but at least you had fun at the show!

Miss-tearious said...

Hey, at least you look hot in the picture!!! :)

hillary said...

Chelsea - I don't have a speeding TICKET problem - I don't usually get caught!

Chelsea said...

lol. I was just thinking of that last time you were in vegas with mom trying to take some neighborhood streets and you got a huge ticket, too. You might not have a problem, but I only hear about your tickets...maybe everyone else gets them and they just keep quiet. :) The last one I got was August of 2006. go me.

Wendy said...

AWESOME Mug Shot! You are totally busted! It looks like the paparatzi (sp?) took it...What were you really out doing? :)