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Friday, August 14, 2009

Swim Lessons

All summer long I wanted to sign the kids up for swim lessons but it never worked out, either because we were gone on sign-up days or we'd be gone for part of the session. Thankfully last Monday morning Summer told me there was still one more session starting that evening! I wasn't able to get Jack & Callie in sessions at the same time, but at least I could get them both in at all. Jack & I did parent & tot & Callie did level 1.

Callie was so excited when we got to the pool & found out one of her favorite preschool classmates, Melody, was in her class!

This is how Jack spent much of our class time! :)

On the 2nd day I was able to coax him into the water & got him to swim around a lot. He said he loved it! Unfortunately a couple days later it was windy & the water was unpleasant so it was back to the side with lots of whining.

Thanks Summer for taking pictures of Jack & Me during his "swim lessons!"

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