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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dear old golden rule days! - pt 2

After school on her first day she told me all about her day & she said she liked it. On Friday morning she asked me what day it was. When I told her it was Friday she said, "No! I don't want to go to school!" She had a good day anyway & is ridiculously excited about being able to hula hoop during recess & has been bugging/begging me to get her one so she can show off her skills at home.

I asked her yesterday if she likes her teacher. She said, "Yeah, but sometimes she's kind of grumpy. There's some naughty kids in our class and she gets grumpy because they're always not listening to her." And she named one of the boys in her primary class! LOL

Today on the way to school I asked her if she was brave. She said a little bit. I asked if she was brave enough to walk into school all by herself while I watch her from the car. Her response was tears. I parked & got out with her & gave her a hug & kiss & said I was doing it now so that when we got to the doors she could just say bye & walk down the hall & out to the kindergarten playground. She cried because that sounded scary. I walked her to the doors & she wouldn't move forward & there wasn't an aide there to guide her so she cried & I took her back to the car with me b/c I wanted to move it to the first spot in front of the doors since it was gonna take a minute & Jack & Ellie were waiting. She got in the car too & buckled her seatbelt. I asked why & she said she was going home. I told her she had to go to school & she bawled. Thank goodness her friend Connor showed up then. I asked him if he'd walk with her down the hall & poor boy didn't know what to do when we got to the doors again & Callie wouldn't move past them. She stood there sobbing. I had to tell her if she kept throwing a fit I was turning around right then to leave & if she wanted me to stay & watch her walk down the hall she had to walk with Connor. I watched (and heard) my poor little girl bawl all the way down the hall & out the next doors at the end. I felt like a terrible! It was sad for me.

After school I asked her what happened after she got to the playground. She said her teacher took care of her. She gave Callie a hug & let her stand by her since Callie didn't feel like playing (and we even got there earlier per Callie's request so she'd have more time to play before school started). I told Callie that it was hard but that she'd do better tomorrow & that she was going to have to walk down the hall to the playground without me again & she started crying! Augggg! Tonight we talked about it again & I told her she could have 5 jewels in her jar (our awesome incentive program!) tomorrow if she'd walk all by herself (or w/friends) down the hall. She's saying she's gonna do it.

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