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Thursday, May 14, 2009

"At the top of Dragon Mountain"

That's from The Backyardigans (we {heart} their cds) and the kids sing it as they're climbing up to the top of their dirt volcano!

Jeremiah brought the skid steer home from work on Saturday & worked on moving dirt so we can get started on our backyard. And just to be nice he made this volcano for the kids to play in/on. The backyard's going to be a long, slow & expensive (and that's doing it on the cheap) process. We're very fortunate though that we have lots of the equipment we'll need for our backyard & we can also do lots of the stuff at cost & hopefully find a hookup on a few of the other things we have planned.

I'm glad that the kids are loving the dirt pile, but can I just say it sucks! Somebody (won't give the guilty party away) came in for a time out the other day and when he/she went back outside I had to clean off a layer of dirt from the time out chair! Jack took off his pants to get in the bath & a cup of dirt went all over the floor. I'm NOT loving the dirtiness of the dirt. But the kids are having the BEST time! I figure I can endure it for one summer. It won't kill me, right? Right??

And just for fun & because I'm not in many pictures with my children, Ellie & I on Mother's Day.

3 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

at least it's safe! remember how we played on top of the bales of cardboard at the shop and on top of the unbaled cardboard and slid down? now that was awesome. Still really dirty, but not as safe as a huge dirt pile.

Wendy said...

The backyard looks good! But, to be on the safe side you better plan on two summers of dirt, just so you don't get dissapointed when it's longer than you think. Everything always takes longer than you think, I have definently learned that lesson :) Oh, and do yourself a big favor, don't put in a sand box or you'll still have "dirt" all over the timeout chair and the bathroom! Just speaking from experience! :)

Janelle said...

Wow that is one big hill o' dirt. It is true that we mothers are rarely in pictures. Sometimes it ticks me off :)