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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A visit from Condie Co.

My bff {:)} came to visit with her cute little (okay, not so little) family (-)husband a few weeks ago & we had the best time not doing much! Jeremiah & Jonny were at the dunes when Wendy got here so it was 2 moms & 7 kids! We didn't get anywhere in a timely manner but we had lots of fun just hanging out with each other. Wendy lives 7 1/2-9 hours (depending on how long the stops with kids are) from me so we only see each other a few times a year, but we talk so much that Jeremiah finally had to switch my phone plan over to an unlimited one! We met when we both lived in Costa Mesa, CA. As Jeremiah & I were walking across the parking lot to our apartment after church the first Sunday we were in our new ward we saw her & Mike also walking across the parking lot dressed in church clothes & then I remembered seeing them at church. We stood & talked for a few minutes & found out that she & Mike lived in the apartment right above Jeremiah & I! We hung out a few times & clicked & have been like sisters almost ever since! We keep trying to get our husbands to let us (as in all 4 of us) go on a vacation together but they are convinced it would pretty much just be a Hillary/Wendy vacation & they'd be the 3rd & 4th wheels! Come on guys, it's still a vacation! Anyway, Wendy's visit was great! The night she got here we left all the kids with a couple of babysitters & went to a girls' night out with some of my other best friends! (Yep, I'm "seriously so blessed" [lol] to have so many great friends.) Also another afternoon/night she was here my amazing/handsome/thoughtful/sweet/kind/hot/did-I-say-amazing husband watched the 5 older kids (ages 2-5) while Wendy & I took the baby girls to do some outlet shopping. And my mom went with us & was so great because she entertained the babies while Wendy & I tried on lots of clothes & did lots of shopping. Yeah, she's awesome! So anyway, it was a little crazy with all 7 kids running around here, but it was so fun having Wendy visit & I can't wait till we get to see each other again! Wendy is such a fabulous friend to me & I'm so lucky to know her!

Tanner (2), Jack (3), Preston (almost 4), Callie (4 1/2), Ellie (10 mos), Spencer (5), Emily (10 mos)

Ellie & Emily, mini bffs

Wendy & her boys

2 talk to me:

charonfamily said...

Hey friend! I saw your blog on Abby's SO CUTE! How are you guys? How is your parents?

Alison said...

How fun! Emily and Ellie are soooo cute together! Mini BFF's ...LOL!