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Monday, February 23, 2009

Visiting Grandpa & Grandma Green

On Wednesday last week my mom, the kids & I went to Heber (okay actually Overgaard), AZ to visit my grandparents. I hadn't been to their house in a while and it was nice to have a laid back visit & spend time with them. The highlight of our first full day there was a trip to Show Low's WalMart. I only brought one toy & some coloring stuff for each of the kids so at WalMart I let them pick something out. Callie got a Polly Pocket & Jack chose a Transformer. Well I might have guided that choice. He actually was leaning towards another toy but I thought he'd get more play out of the Transformer & I think it was a great choice! He played with it a LOT! He even slept with it! He's calling him Bee instead of Bumblebee. Jack loves his new toy! The Polly Pocket also turned out to be a fantastic choice (also a choice I may have influenced). Callie has several little sets of PP-type Disney princesses but their clothes are really difficult to get on & off. This was the first Polly we've ever bought or played with & I think it's awesome! (oh yeah, so does Callie!) The clothes go off & on very easily. She's played with it a lot already.

The kids have been dying to make snow angels so they got all dressed in their warm clothes to go outside & play in the few patches of snow that were still in my grandparents' yard. Unfortunately for the kids the snow was hard & crystally. They had to pack it pretty hard to get a snowball to stay together. After the snow angels I hurt my back & couldn't really play with them anymore. The kids were so bummed so my grandpa was sympathetic to their plight & helped them with a little snowball fight.

It was nice seeing my grandparents. We had some good food, good conversation, and just a nice relaxing time.

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