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Monday, February 23, 2009

Love Day

This year was fun because Callie had her first Valentine exchange in her preschool class. I saw this really cute idea on Skip to my Lou for her Valentines and Callie & I had a great time putting them together. Callie especially loved putting the stickers on the butterflies!

Jeremiah's mom sent the kids each a card with a little heart sucker. The kids loved it & so did I! I can remember getting Valentine's cards from one of my grandmothers and I've always thought that's the kind of stuff I want to do when I have grandkids so it was fun for me to see how excited my children were when they got their Valentines. Jack's card had a rhyme about a dinosaur & I've read it to him a million times! Ellie was just as happy about her sucker as the bigger kids were!

Before we went to bed on Friday night Jeremiah & I set the table & put little valentine's treats on ours & each of the kids' plates - even Jonny's. This is his 2nd Valentine's Day with us! That's why this year I asked Jeremiah to get extra strawberries for the dip he makes me every year. Valentine's Day was low-key. Jeremiah & I made delicious stuffed french toast for breakfast & spent the rest of the day doing house work. A month earlier we'd brought the rest of our boxes (about 15-20) into our bedroom because I'd thought that maybe if they were there I'd unpack a little at a time. Wrong! After a month of tripping through a box maze during the night & having our bedroom look like heck I finally got it all unpacked & out of there. Unfortunately that meant making a mess out of my front multi-use room again! Oh well. Someday I'll get it together!

4 talk to me:

trina said...

what a cute valentines day you guys had! i love seeing the photos of your kids.

Janelle said...

I love the butterfly valentine's. We may have to steal the idea next year... that is if I can remember a whole year later...doubtful.

Richelle said...

Those are the cutest valentine's! And it is so much cooler that you and callie could make them together. passing out homemade valentine's vs. store bought--there is no comparison. and i love getting to see pictures callie, ellie, and jack!

Dansie Family said...

i heart homemade valentines.